AnyDVD read error

I am trying to create a backup copy of High School Musical after my old one got a scratch in it. I am using the latest version of AnyDVD and it gets to about 80% and gives a read error. I can then abort or continue. I click continue every time but it never does anything

Is anyone able to help me please?

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Is it possible that the scratch is preventing further reading? Where approximately on the disc is it?

towards the edge of the disk, In Decrypt DVD it gets to 44% (VOB_4) or something and anydvd 80%

DVD Decrypter might be failing earlier due to copy protection, and AnyDVD because of the scratch.

Can you download and run CD-DVD Speed and use the Scan disc tab to see the basic readability of the disc. All the sectors should be green when it’s finished.

there were only about 10 or so green ones, the rest were all red or gray

you probably won’t be able to rip this disc then. sounds like it’s pretty severely damaged.