ANYDVD/Projector Image


I have recently started using ANYDVD from Slysoft, I’m still using the trial version. When I replay the movies I get a projector image in the upper right hand side of the screen.

Anyone know how to hide/turn off the projector immage…


That’s probably the “change angle” indicator icon which is a feature of your dvd player. You should be able to disable this using your remote. Check your dvd player’s manual.

Sometimes this happens when you remove the PUO. It isn’t AnyDVDs fault. Try watching the original DVD on your harddrive with AnyDVD enabled (with PUO option enabled) and see if it occurs. You may have to do another rip.

I tend to use PgcEdit and one of its plugins to help me choose which PUO I want removed.


Thanks for the replies.

Ive tried the copies on diffrent DVD Players and the projector logo is permanently there so I assume its on the recording.

I’m new to this and I dont really understand whats hapening so if you would bare with me, what is a PUO and where would I find this option, had a look at the settings and cant find it.

Thx Again

Interesting. Do you know details (which PUO should be kept untouched)?

James, I found one such thread which might explain it a bit. You can view it here: How to set PUOs in VOBs? I don’t think I know anything else which may help.

I hardly get any multi-angle DVDs so I’ve never come across it. Then again, I set all my PUOs manually using PgcEdit and a plugin of theirs (on the same page). I only use AnyDVDs feature when watching a movie off the original on my computer.

PUOs stand for Prohibited User Operations. You know when you encounter an FBI warning or those damn “don’t pirate” ads and you cannot fast forward? That is because on the DVD there is a little bit of code which is stopping you from Fast Forwarding it. AnyDVD helps you remove these some time annoying PUOs.

EDIT: It seems that if you remove all the PUOs from the VOB files (which I don’t do anyway) it can cause the problem on some players. More info here. It may need a bit of testing though.