Anydvd problems

hi guys, i just started using anydvd/clonedvd combo. but im having sort of a problem with anydvd. both anydvd and clonedvd are the newest versions available on slysoft’s/elby’s websites. my problem is that with anydvd not installed my computer is working just fine with clonedvd (except of course that i cant copy css dvds) when i install anydvd i can back the css dvds up just fine but after about 40 minutes or so my computer will not respond to anything. i can double click internet explorer, outlook, or whatever other program i want but they wont open for about 30 or 40 minutes. its almost as if my cpu usage is at 100% but taskmanager says otherwise. basically what is happening is that my computer is running down to a crawl and i am forced to do a hard reboot as even having it shutdown through windows will take aprox 30 - 40 minutes to complete.

anyone else having this problem or know what i can do to fix it?

sys specs:

xp pro w/sp1 and all current crit updates.
athlon xp 2200 @266fsb
512mb ddr @266fsb
200gb wd hd
lg dvd player
pioneer a05 dvd-r

id really like to get this problem fixed as im still running the trials on both programs and when they are working they work excellent and i want to order my unlocks asap. but i wont purchase either if i have to reboot every time i back up a disk.


edit also ive tried setting anydvd to both safe mode and non safe mode with no change.

uninstall and do a system restore than reinstall

tried it twice, still no luck. any other suggestions?

Originally posted by glyphic
tried it twice, still no luck. any other suggestions?

What IDE Bus drivers do you use?

Having a similar problem here, I have narrowed it down somewhat to the fact that when you insert a copy protected game CD (doesnt happen every time) or occasionally a DVD, the whole system locks up in the manner you say. The only way around it is to reboot the PC.

This is one reason why I wont at present commit myself to purchasing this software :frowning:

I did email Slysoft regarding this issue, but never received a reply, maybe because Im not registered yet?

I have recently installed and the same problem occurs :frowning:

FYI I do have a Nforce 2 board (Jetway Kocab 19P) but I use the microsoft IDE drivers, rather than the Nvidia drivers.

im running the same chipset, asus a7n8x deluxe. i was also running the basic windows drivers for ide because the nvidia ide drivers didnt like my dvd reader (older toshiba dvd/cdr combo) but i bought a new lg dvd reader to replace it, installed the nvidia drivers and tada! no more slowdown problems. just in time too…my trial is about to run out in a few days.