AnyDVD problems after upgrade to 5956



I thought I posted this an hour ago but I couldn’t find it so I’ll try again.

I used DVD43 with 1ClickDVDCopy for more than a year until DVD43 started getting buggy. I switched to AnyDVD and it was working fine until I upgraded it to ver. 5956 at which point I was unable to even run the program at all. I uninstalled it and reinstalled 5953 and that enabled me to run the program, i.e. the fox turned red and double-clicking the icon produced the window that shows AnyDVD had supposedly removed the copy protection. 1ClickDVD, however, gives the error message “This DVD is copyrighted” and will not proceed further.

I have sent two emails to AnyDVD tech support with no response. IMHO, if you are going to ask someone to pay for your software then you need to have telephone support or SOME option other than a 2-day wait for an email response.

Anyone else had or resolved this problem?


I would imagine that you havnt removed dvd43 from the registry. Go to run, and type in regedit. First click file --> export, and select all, and save registry settings in your my documents file Then push f3 and type in dvd43. Wait until it finishes searching, and hopefully a folder will come up under the name of dvd43. Delete this and reboot your system. Then try again.


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The problem is with your other programs not anydvd
do a little searching and reading and you will find all the info that will help
as this problem as been beaten to death

is it ok to double reply?


Yup it is ok to double reply, just not to double post. Also someone else had the same problem as you and my above resposce solved their problem.


if a person can not enter .reg files then this is a non SS induced problem

It is due to some windows security feature or third party software security feature
Ther are programs that will disable .reg files

try this
go to registry via regedit
export any key
then go to that exported key and double click on it
and see if you get any error messages
if yes then it is windows related