AnyDVD problems after upgrade to 5956

I was using DVD43 with 1ClickDVDCopy with great success for a year or so when DVD43 started to get buggy. I switched to AnyDVD and was using it successfully for about a month until I upgraded to 5956. The program not only didn’t work but it wouldn’t even load. Try uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail and finall reinstalled 5953. At least then I could run the program. The fox got red and it read the DVD titles but 1ClickDVD kept coming back with “This DVD is Encrypted”. I’m now dead in the water waiting for AnyDVD’s shitty email tech support to “maybe” resolve the issue. A 2-day wait for tech support may be acceptable for shareware but it’s a lousy system for a tiny program that you have to pay for.

Anybody have any similar experiences? I went back to my year-old version of DVDDecrypter and it’s chugging along fine, albeit very slowly.

Dvd43 is uninstalled or not more on your system?

You refer to AnyDVD’s Email support being shitty - I think I paid about $78 for AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 and CloneCD - I get lifetime free updates for all products (okay technically 1 year for CloneDVD2, but as of yet, no-one has ever had to pay for an update yet). My laptop came with Windows XP pre-installed - Microsoft will not give me any support at all (well I can buy a support package, and I think I get to ask 3 questions or something!!)

Slysoft are a very small company, but to put things into perspective, I had a movie I could not backup. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I think they had a new version out in about 2 hours - now that is what I call service.

Your problem seems to be very isolated - most people on this forum have this program working no problem, so it is not a problem with AnyDVD, but more likely some conflict on your system.

So… What exactly is your problem? You say that that would not even load - can you give more details? When you rolled back to a previous version did you get the info window pop up when you inserted a movie? If so can you post it?

If you post all the information on this site, I am sure that people here can help you solve your problem.

Check your “Safe Mode” settings (AnyDVD settings -> program)

The problem is with your other programs not anydvd
do a little searching and reading and you will find all the info that will help
as this problem as been beaten to death

is it ok to double reply?

I am having a problem also with the upgrade 5956. Everytime I make a copy and try to view it on the computer it shuts the computer down. I use AnyDvd with 1 Click DVD/Pro and Video Vault. I been able to crack ever movie out but since I updated, I can no longer playback the copy on the computer, only on TV’s DVD player. I took the computer in to have a tech look at it, they upgraded my Video Adapter and checked my firmware on both my Pioneer and Plextor, both up to date. Any thoughts?