AnyDVD problem



I haven't seen anyone else having this problem anywhere and have asked this question before. I am using Windows 98 SE and have tried every version of AnyDVD since about 2.x. My problem is that after installing AnyDVD some games start crashing randomly when they ran perfectly before. This happens with several games for example Morrowing and Warcraft 3. I know it is caused by AnyDVD because I make a backup drive image prior to installing AnyDVD and when I restore this, then everything work fine again. I have tried just uninstalling AnyDVD but something is still not right so whatever changes are made by AnyDVD, they are no undone when it is uninstalled. I don't see why this program would cause problems with any games and I have even cracked the game so the drive is not even needed anymore but this doesn't help. If anyone else has had this problem PLEASE reply so I will know it's not just me.

I have another question about DVD Region-Free 3.x. It works great with DVD2one to remove the protection from DVDs but it doesn't work at all with CloneDVD even though it is listed in the programs DVD Region-Free is supposed to work with.


Might not be AnyDVD’s fault, could be the combination. Please look in your Windows\System\IoSubSys folder for anything not needed and forgottem (NeroCD95.vxd being a bad beast, roxio or adaptec stuff)

You can always disable AnyDVD before playing as well.


I don’t have any roxio stuff except ASPI driversand. I have also tried disabling it and as I said, I even uninstalled it and it still was causing problems. Has anyone else had trouble with the NeroCD95.vxd? I had thought about there bieng a conficlt somewhere but I didn’t want to go through cleaning out drivers without knowing if they where the problem.


Nero caused all kinds of problems with my DVD and DVD±R drive…
I avoid using it at all costs


I have it working now but I’m not sure what the problem actually was. I backed up the program files and the drivers files from the System folder then restored a clean backup that I made before installing AnyDVD. I then copied the files back but did not use the installer. Now it works so it appears the AnyDVD setup must add some reg entries, or files that are not required for the program to run but do cause problems with other programs/games. I have tried all of the games that were crashing before and they all work now.