ANYDVD Problem

If I start up my PC with ANYDVD autostarted and a CD in my drive all is OK. If started with an empty drive and then a cd or dvd is inserted then windows, clonedvd, shrink even windows explorer can not recognize a disc in the drive. The message is that it does not have correct drivers or the disc is corrupted.

Anybody else had this problem.

I gave Nero Burning Rom, Clone cd, clone dvd, and dvd shrink instakked.

Thanks in advance for your help.

what type of motherboard do you have?. I have found that using anyDVD on my nforce2 using driver version 5.10. anyDVD would not allow my drive to read the disc using cloneDVD or DVDshrink. I have since went back to driver version 4.27 and anyDVD is working again with cloneDVD and DVDshrink.