Anydvd problem backup of fun with dick and jane

Message from any dvd “unexpected error” unable to read. This is the first time anydvd has had a problem reading any dvd! Anyone else having this problem??

just some further info. I am using the latest anydvd 5953. I could have a bad disk!! The disk is from Sony. New protection??

Nope, mine is doing the same thing with the newest version. Tried on another disk and the same thing. Looks like a further update is required.

OK, using AD and Decryptor, it has made it past the failure point from earlier so I should retract my previous statement. :slight_smile: Guess ole long in the tooth Shrink just aint what it use to be.

CloneDVD and AnyDVD ripped through this like a knife through warm butter. No problems at all.

Hello Folks,

If you believe that your copy of the Commercial DVD Movie Title “Dick And Jane” has some new variant of a copy protection scheme suggest sending the necessary .IFO files to SlySoft and Elaborate Bites for analysts.

Below is a Forum Link that provides detailed information on how to send the necessary .IFO files to SlySoft and Elaborate Bites.

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Decryptor worked fine but with shrink it fails right off the bat stating it cannot decrypt VOBS.

That’s why I’m an advocate of Shrink users using the AnyDVD Rip VIDEO-DVD to harddisk feature. That should prevent these kinds of issues…yes, it takes more time, but, I believe it’s the best option for Shrink users.

I’m guessing no on that. It seems like a pretty standard, straightforward ArCCOS movie to me. Besides that, as long as you choose either the Full Screen OR Widescreen titleset(not both) then there’s no compression needed to back this title up. Once again CloneDVD comes through for us. Big surprise there, I know. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the time involved. Once it failed with that I went to the next option, ripping with Anydvd. It fails then I will go from there. Wonder if this is another madagascer with different versions on the market? I get 2 different failure messages from these, one being purchased from Wal-Mart and the other rented.

I reauthored, chose full screen and added the cut scenes. Analyzed fine but fails at 49% in the encoding process.

I don’t know. The version I have is easily beaten with AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Total time to back it up…10 minutes. :slight_smile: I probably won’t get to watch it til this weekend though.

Well, I know added a bunch of code for Shrink users so they could theoretically backup their movies directly, but, I think the only fool proof way of doing it with Shrink is to rip it first and then let Shrink play. The code in AnyDVD is a workaround at best to try to fix compatibility problems between the ArCCOS and RipGuard screwed up DVD structures and DVD Shrink’s inability to handle them. The Rip to harddrive feature runs a process that should fix the DVD structure to allow Shrink to handle it easier and I consider that to be the safest method to use for Shrink users.

Ripped with Anydvd then used Shrink to do it’s job. Worked fine on both disc’s. Only took 14 minutes to rip the whole disc.

AnyDVD for the win! :slight_smile:

Dont get me wrong, I love AD. Just never had used it much for ripping.
Til now. :wink:

It does its job very well. The guys and gals at Slysoft do an incredible job keeping on top of things…(Right, Reasons? :D) You’ll find the ripping process to work very well. I know some of the people on the forum use AnyDVD with Shrink with no problems, and they always recommend to rip with AnyDVD to the hard drive FIRST, then try to Shrink the output from that. And 99% of the time it simply works for them. Gotta love that.

Just picked up a different dvd. Started to backup but a little slow for the first part am backing up most of the disk. The other disk I had would not let me back this up at all. I am using clonedvd2-2892 and anydvd -5953. Seems to be running okay. If I have a problem I will rip with anydvd. Thanks for all the help-will post when finished.

SUCCESS back up with clonddvd2 and anydvd whole disk with wide and full screen without any problems. the other disk must have had mastering error or ???. Quality looks good to me. Thanks for all the posting on this. Anydvd and clonedvd still are the best and easiest programs to use.

I backed up this movie at work where I don’t have AnyDVD installed. Used DVDFab and DVD Shrink and all went fine.