AnyDVD & PowerDVD-Doesn't Write Movie?

I upgraded to AnyDVD 4.301 and use PowerDVD to copy. With older version everything copied perfect. Wrote a couple of movies with the newest version then doesn’t write whole movie to dvd copy. Goes through all steps and then just get opening part of movie and that is it. When search for copied movie my computer shows or says insert dvd. What happened and how can I get it to work again? Help very much appreciated, thanks. Waiting to make copies.

Woops, the writer program that I have is Intervideo’s DVDCopy. Still the same problem. Wasting DVD-r’s. Help!

Hi and welcome,

for me this sounds like a copyprotection issue, what movie are you trying to backup?
I suggest you try it once with CloneDVD2, download the trial version and look if the same happens.

appreciate the reply. It shouldn’t be a copyright problem, because it has written the movie. Looks like it is a writing problem. It seems not to combine all the files that were downloaded. Tried copying one movie didn’t do it 2 times and third time it did. Help, please wasting a lot of discs. Thanks.