AnyDVD & Pioneer DVR-110D

Why does AnyDVD say my DVR is disabled? I’ve been using v6082 with no problems, then it give the disabled message. I have removed it and started using RipIt4Me with no problems. Thanks.

what version is anydvd.

also, have you rebooted your PC?

I had version 6082 and yes I rebooted. When I turn on my PC, or reboot, I get an error message saying the DVR is disabled.

I got a Pioneer DVR-111D day after thanksgiving for $30 bucks. It works great with AnyDvd. No problems at all. Is it new? Are the cables connected tight? Can’t imagine why it doesn’t work.

open up the AnyDVD settings/ then the drives section/ then the selection section & make sure the drive has a tick in the box to enable it.

If you have to enable the drive you might need to restart AnyDVD for the change to be registered.

And what version are you using now?

Thanks, but I tried that.

I’m not using AnyDVD anymore.

So what was your point posting here? :confused:
If you don’t want your problem with AnyDVD resolved, why are you asking for help?

I thought some of you would have an answer to my problem. I did try all suggestions offered, nothing worked, so I found a program that would. Why should I use a program that isn’t reliable? I was asking for help and nothing worked. I appreciate all the replies/opinions.