AnyDVD & Pioneer DVD-RW 103

First of all, is AnyDVD compatible with pioneer DVD-RW 103.

At first when i started using AnyDVD everything was OK. then i noticed sometimes even if i remove a CD/DVD from the drive, explorer still says the media is still in the drive. that was easily fixed by ejecting and pushing back the drive.

Now, it’s terrible. Especially when i wanted to backup LOTR:Return of the King. Now it takes luck for my CD Drive to identify the CD in the Drive. Sometimes i put any DVD in, and it tells me there is nothing in the Drive at all.
Anytime i face a problem like that and i click on the AnyDVD Tray Icon, AnyDVD just hangs and stops workin. Even if there is no problem i can’t get AnyDVD to close, if i select exit in the systemtray, the icon just leaves, but the process is still running in the background.


If I uninstall AnyDVD everything goes back to normal.

Any suggestions

PS. for the record i think there is something on that LOTR:3 DVD. Even if the ccs is removed, i get “cannot read picture from…” in cloneDVD & “Project failed” immediately in Nero. Out of every four times i put the DVD in the drive (after deleting the css key), i only get CloneDVD & Nero to work with it once.(then i don’t delete the css and all is well)


stop being so cheap! go to and get you a pioneer 107 for $90 bucks (shipping included). The pioneer 106’s are even cheaper. you’re still using a 103 (dayum)! lol