AnyDVD + Pinnacal InstantCopy 8

I am trying to use Pinnacle InstantCopy 8 with AnyDVD with little success. AnyDVD successfully does the CSS stuff on the DVD, but InstantCopy continues to insist that it is protected. I presume it is accessing the drive rather directly, instead of through AnyDVD. Can I somehow make this wotk? Thanks.

Im pretty sure that AnyDVD + Pinnacal InstantCopy 8 do not work when AnyDVD is running in ‘Safe mode’.
From the AnyDVD Settings window, head over to the ‘program’ tab. Under the settings remove the tick from ‘Safe Mode’.
If I remember correctly the tick is placed against safe mode by default.

if safemode is not your problem the trick is in the ORDER of operations.

  1. launch anydvd
  2. insert dvd disc into dvd drive and WAIT till you see the fox icon fadeout and come back to full colour again
  3. launch pinnacle