Anydvd performance

I’ve read many people moaning that using anydvd slows backups down.

has anyone done some decent comparison of using

given that the first process is more ‘automated’ I’d be happy even if it was a little bit slower


I haven’t seen any decrease in speed myself using anydvd and clonedvd And since i no longer have to decrypt the dvd first about a 20 to 30 min process for my hardware it makes it so much easier and faster.

I have heard that some people are having slowdowns using other transcoding software but i’m happy with clonedvd myself :slight_smile:


I did this this morning because i was bored you might find it useful

DVD used “Along came a spider” transcoding movie only, with only English soundtrack and no subtitles, movie size 5.9gig.

Relevant computer specs
1.2gig Athlon
384meg sdram
10x Affrey DVD reader
Winxp pro no service packs installed
Running Anydvd v1.4.1.1 as an “on the fly” DVD decrypter

DVD2one v1.2.2 (variable mode)
Time taken - 19mins
Output file size – 4.1gig

DVDshrink v2.3
Time taken – 31mins
Output file size – 4.06gig

CloneDVD v1.1.7.1
Time taken – 27mins
Output file size – 4.27gig

DCS DVD copy suite v1.08.012 (with ANYdvd disabled)
Time taken – 48mins
Output file size – 4.01gig


I posted some times here

that is not very informative please look at my post

>that is not very informative please look at my post

…you talking to me? This thread belongs to Edoardo, not you.

Did you read the relevant post in the link I provided?

another thing that crosses my mind: is transcoding done by accessing the drive harmful to the drive itself, compared to a rip?

I remember DVDx offers an option to save lots of accesses to the hardware (DVD drive) by buffering the VOB