Anydvd paid version expired?

i bought anydvd from slysoft about 3 weeks ago and one morning turned my pc on and anydvd popped up saying i have 20 days left on my trial…i e-mailed slysoft about 4 days ago and have’nt heard a thing yet…are they that slow?
i tried uninstalling just as the slysoft site say’s but nothing worked,i even deleted the reg. key’s… and the application’s folder it was in… :sad:

Sometimes it gets mixed up on sending them emails usually the second time you email them it get to them and they’ll respond just retry to email them again.

I have no idea why you would delete your reg key but make sure you have the e-mail address you used when you bought it. I am assuming you bought directly from the Slysoft website. Check you deleted e-mails for the e-mail they sent you when you bought it, this will have your reg key. Assuming like you say it was only 3 weeks ago when you bought it, you must have some credit card receipt or something to prove to them that you actually owned the program. Maybe they can find your reg with the e-mail address you bought it with. Good luck.

yea i have all the payment info,original e-mail info…i was told on another forum to delete the registry keys to get a better install…but it didn’t work…i was getting desperate…hehe…thanks for the help.


When AnyDVD pop-up that message (21 day left trial) where you online?
Did you share the reg key with anyone?

one morning i started the pc up and it said that,i was not online…nah,i wouldn’t share my reg key with anyone…folks i know are not into that kind of thing… i shot slysoft yet another e-mail, so i guess i have to wait and see…iv’e heard of this happening before via folk’s at afterdawn.

I just started having the same problem but I think I’ve found a solution. Here’s my process:

  1. First I uninstalled AnyDVD and then like you did I went back and removed all the registration keys.
    2)Then, in the registry editor go to edit > find. Type “trial”, hit find, delete any keys with names like “trialend”, “trial.end”, “trialend1”, etc. Hit F3 and continue deleting all such files.
  2. Exit registry editor, restart computer.
  3. Reinstall AnyDVD, reinstall key before rebooting.
  4. Reboot.

Though it has only been a few hours since trying this I’ve rebooted several times and AnyDVD still seems to be working ok.

You should not have to do this if you have a valid registration key. More than likely it will time out again when the trial ends. If you purchased from Slysoft, you need to contact them. If you bought your registration anywhere else, I’m afraid you’ve been taken as Slysoft does not sell thru 3rd parties.

Thegubernaculum –

If you a valid Registration Key purchased from SlySoft you do not need to resort to Windows Registry editing to enable usage of the SlySoft AnyDVD software program.

Before suggesting that Forum Members edit their Windows Registry you should be fully aware that SlySoft Technical Support does not advise taking this action. There is no need to delete any registry entries to correctly install the AnyDVD software program. Below are SlySoft Technical Support (James) comments on this topic ->

Refer to the E-Mail you received from SlySoft that accompanied your AnyDVD Registration Key for specific detailed information on how to correctly install your AnyDVD Registration Key. If after referring to the subject SlySoft E-Mail you continue to have difficulty in installing your AnyDVD Registration Key contact SlySoft Technical Support (support(at) (replace (at) with @) for assistance.


I think SS is too smart to allow their product to continue past 21 day free eval with simple registry hacks :clap:

I totally agree with you here. No need to edit the registry if you have a valid software key.

well, my key was bought through slysoft…and still dont work…thier e-mail support is slow and not very much help,they keep asking me the same questions…did you save the key to hard disk first,did you use the register tool, did you reboot after key install…none of this worked…im down to 10 days…i have been e-mailing slysoft back and forth for 11 days and looks like it’s gonna expire unless they give me another key…i know they hate to do that but i have exhausted all thier directions and they all failed…by the way i did give them invoice and key info,so i dont think they would be helping me if i had a hacked key…thanks to all that have replied.

i talked to : john smith and Bernd Hartings from slysoft so maybe one of them will help.

Do you have Admin Rights? If not click on the underline text to ensure this if you don’t know. Did this happen after updating or just bought?

this happened a few days after i bought it…admin. right’s ? what are you referring to…give me more details… thanks

Are you the only one that uses this pC with the problem???
if not make sure that your pc user id has full rights

go to
control panel —> user accounts and give your id full rights

Do you have system mechanic or system mechanic pro installed? Do you have Zonealarm installed too? If so these 2 apps. can conflict with registering anydvd correctly. Also is there any PC freeze registry type programs on you PX too as this will not allow registry changes too.

Rectifier -

Concerning Administration Rights ->

Suggest reviewing the below SlySoft Web Link and note in detail the information contained in the “Installation” box located on the bottom of the referenced page.

Once again I suggest that you refer to the E-Mail you received from SlySoft that accompanied your AnyDVD Registration Key for specific detailed information on how to correctly install your AnyDVD Registration Key. The information concerning being logged on as an Administrator or have Administration Rights before installing SlySoft software products is discussed in the SlySoft E-Mail.


hi,again guys…thanks for taking the time to reply,i really appreciate it…
im the only user of the pc and have admin.rights…i do use zone alarm security suite and ccleaner…think that may have something to do with it?..and i have followed slysofts install instructions to the T.

Rectifier –

The Zone Alarm Security Suite is a both a Firewall and Registry monitoring software program that prohibits SlySoft AnyDVD Registration Keys from correctly accessing the Windows Registry and being correctly entered.

Ensure you have curtailed any Internet connection and then totally disable Zone Alarm Security Suite and Cleaner and then install AnyDVD and your AnyDVD Registration Key. Then reboot. When you reboot Zone Alarm Security Suite and Cleaner should then be active and the AnyDVD software program should then be able to operate and function in the Fully Registered mode.


man this is some weird crap…ok…i disabled zonealarm reinstalled the key and re-opened anydvd…presto it worked, no expired trial window popped up…but wait !!
i then rebooted my pc…and there it was again… the trial window…man this is frustrating…i do believe it has something to do with zonealarm though…but what?