Anydvd or ripit4me and recode or clonedvd? or dvdshrink or decrypter

I used to use dvd shrink and decrypter a year or so ago. I forget which program was “shutdown”.
How do some companies like anydvd make out making the backup products but projects like shrink get shutdown?

Is decrypter still updated and available?

This is probably a loaded question but what seems to be the best solution these days? Is it anydvd and clonedvd - from slysoft? Or are there other options? I have nero already and recode seems good but I am confused on why some people use clonedvd and recode for different things? How do you know which one to use when?

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Just to clarify, I was wondering about the clonedvd solution compared to anydvd and then the clonedvd 2 vs nero?

Also, how is ripit4me? Anyone find spyware in it or anything like that?

is shrink and decrypter still used by anyone…

DVD shrink and DVD decrypter are not more updated, but they can still work if you use Ripti4me (constantly updated) to enable DVD decrypter to rip also latest movies, and FixVTS (after the ripping done with RipIt4Me/DVD Decrypter) that remove all crap from vob files, enabling DVD Shrink to load the movie correctly.

CloneDVD is a more updated product than dvd shrink, and it basically do the same things, but it’s still updated and it works better with anydvd.

RipIt4Me doesn’t contain any spyware, it’s free and perfectly safe. And constantly updated :wink:

DVD Shrink is still one of the best ways to process DVD content after ripping it to the hard drive with whatever other program. It is still as helpful and relevant as ever, imo, even when you totally skip the disk ripping / decrypting function. It’s Re-Author mode is about as good as it gets, imo. I use it ALL the time. I bring in a video, remove the menus, extra audio streams (it allows you to listen to each audio stream via a right-click option in the video preview window), extra sub-title stuff and trim out the intro and credit stuff if I wish to help fit it on a single disk with 70% or better compression. DVD Shrin, to me, is the legend that should never die! :slight_smile:

I had stopped using DVD Decrypter for new titles with those new copy protections - UNTIL someone came out with RipIt4Me. It has made DVD Decrypter a relevant ripper again, handling all the new protections very well.

RipIt4Me now has an installer that puts both the RipIt4Me and FixVTS apps on the disk, sets it up to work with alreay installed DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, and puts a single icon on the desktop. All you have to do is start it and follow the wizard and you are good to go.

I no longer use DVD43 or AnyDVD, preferring to not have anything loaded in memory.

RipIt4Me is totally worth using, imo. Don’t hesitate to leave DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter installed. Just make sure to install and use RipIt4Me to get your disks ripped and call that ripped disk into DVD Shrink for tweaking. It don’t get much better when you consider how cool and how FREE they are.

Anyway, that’s how I roll. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, thx, that is a great post.

Due to an HD failure I have to reinstall it all. I am going to try decrypter with ripit4me and also shrink again. So do I just install decrypter and shrink, then install ripit4me?
What is FixVTS?
I guess once I load up ripit4me and decrypter then it will all come back to me on how to backup my kids movies so they don’t wreck them which does happen as we all know.
Then just open shrink and edit it as always.
I read a reply to my other post about how some people use clonedvd2 to get the dvd to 2 dvds and use dvd9, or others use dvd5. What are the differences and will any dvd player play them? Also, how good of a tv do you need to actually see the difference in compression? I don’t get overly worried about that actually because I have had some that are compressed like 70 percent and others like no compression, yet I don’t notice anything when watching it

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You’re welcome. I’m just trying to “pay it forward” for all those that have helped me before. :slight_smile:

Yeppers. Install DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and then download the RIPIT4ME installer program from their download page and it will do all the rest for you. Then just start the program from the desktop icon it adds and you can use the wizard to get through it.

FixVTS is a nice little app that helps “Clean Up” the video files so that they are more compliant. Clears out null pointers, blanks, etc. that don’t really belong and helps to ensure the ripped data files have a better chance of working with more apps, particularly those that may not be as forgiving when strict compliance is lacking.

Again, glad to help.

Great tutorial for DVD Shrink (my total fave) at:

and other tutorials at his main page:

Basically, I do a re-author, get rid of all the sound tracks except the main one, get rid of all the menus, extra subtitle stuff and then use the TRIM feature to cut off the leading credits and end credits and that helps maximize the space available for the actual movie.

DVD’s are only 720x480. Televisions (basic) are 640x480 (or there abouts - actually 525 lines, but not all for vid). So, if you play on a regular TV, you should probably not be able to tell ANY diff at 80% or above, and for most folks, I think 70%. Especially if you use the DEEP ANALYSIS function of DVD Shrink and that little “DVD Shrink Quality Enhancements” thing.

Have fun!

DVD Shrink FOREVER! lol

The amount of compression relies on the the average bitrate of the original and/or removal of unwated audio/extras etc. It is possible to have as high as 50% compression with PAL discs and still looks great but, it does depend on the DVD.

It was DVD Decryptor that was shutdown. Shrink just stopped development and the ability for the author to stay anonymous was a great help.

Didn’t ImgBurn replace DVD Decrypter?
Why wouldn’t you use ImgBurn instead of DVD Decrypter?

DVD Decrypter can rip and burn ISO’s. ImgBurn cannot.

ImgBurn is not the same product at all.

what does the build mode in imgburn do?

Is Imgburn able to rip also commercial (protected) DVDs in build mode?

It allows Imgburn to load Ifo,Bup and Vob files and burn them.

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…but only if these are already decrypted on the HDD, and to rip dvd decrypter is still necessary, thanks also to RipIt4Me :bigsmile:

Add files individually to build an ISO image.

Don’t think so - no.

Yes that is correct. That’s why I said it allows you to load Ifo,Bup and Vob’s and not rip them.

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Even if ripit4me is a great tool I’d like to have an updated version of dvd decrypter :bigsmile:

i don’t know, thats why i’m asking, never really used it :o

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I guess that will never happen. LUK (the author) got nailed by Sony and agreed never to develop a ripper again, I guess.

So, whoever has created RipIt4Me has done us a HUGE, HUGE favor, and I’m thankful to them for doing so.

Yes it would be nice if DVD Decrypter was still updated. But RipIt4Me is a good replacement.

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