AnyDVD or CloneDVD to rip movie?

Is there any advantage of using the RIP Video-DVD to Harddisk function in AnyDVD or can CloneDVD do this with AnyDVD just running in the background?

Hope that makes sense!

elby CloneDVD2 will do it. Only if it fails with an error you’ll need to use the ripper.

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i use the ripper like tru said, if I encounter some kind of error.

another instance in which the ripper is a good idea is if you’re using a program OTHER than clonedvd2 to process the data. clonedvd2 does a lot of cleaning up on its own. other programs that are not as up to date or do not have the same capabilities may need the files “cleaned up” before they process. (for example, the anydvd ripper is an almost sure solution to “invalid navigation pack” errors in DVDShrink.

thanks again, it’s so great to get clear and simple answers from knowledgeable people.

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