ANYDVD - Option to Remove Annoying Adverts

I’m running Any DVD V with CloneDVD2 v
I noticed there is an option box under the tab DVD / feature removed, there is this option:
“annoying adverts and trailers- jump directly to the main movie”

If you check on the help icon it states:
“if this option is checked ANYDVD will modify the DVD, that the main feature plays immediately. Please note this feature may not work with all DVD titles.”

If you click on the default tab the feature is not enabled, you must enable it.
Has anybody tried this and does it work. I’m also curious if this prevents CloneDVD2 from copying those deleted files and perhaps end up with a coaster since the continuity is broken.
I’d like to hear if anyone has used the feature and is it safe to use.

Yes, it works. I love this feature. Why don’t you try it, and play a DVD on your PC with this feature enabled?
Continuity is not broken, nothing is deleted.

it’ works wonderful

Thanks for your replies, this is a great feature that I will be using.
I’ll try it and play off the hard drive, then burn to a R\W DVD, if everything goes well I will leave it enabled.

Olli keep up the good work.

You don’t need to “play off the harddrive”. Maybe you misunderstood how AnyDVD works?


Looks like I really don’t know exactly how ANYDVD works.
Are you saying I can activate ANYDVD to run, insert a DVD, then play the DVD and it won’t play all the crap and go directly to the movie?

To test, I was going to use the following procedure:

I will check the option in ANYDVD, then rip the movie with CloneDVD2 to the hard drive. I will then view the ripped movie on the hard drive with Power DVD and see how it looks. If OK, I will burn it to a R\W disk and see how it plays in my set top player.

If all goes well, I then will burn it to a permanent DVD from the saved files on the hard drive…

Sorry for taking so long…

You way you describe is - of course - correct.
However, AnyDVD does -magically- change the contents of your Video DVD or Audio CD the moment you have inserted it into your drive.
This is so magically cool, that a lot of people don’t understand actually how cool this really is… :slight_smile:

In other words: You can insert the DVD and watch the effects AnyDVD is doing immediately with PowerDVD, WinDVD, MediaPlayer Classic, ZoomPlayer, …
You can share this drive in a local network and watch the effects AnyDVD is doing immediately in every room of your home.
You can use TotalCommander or Windows Explorer to “rip” the files wherever you like including the effects AnyDVD is doing.

If you copy the DVD with CloneDVD, CloneDVD will -of course- copy the effects AnyDVD is doing as well.

I hope this information helps!


No apologies needed for late reply, I see you have been working quite hard at fixing some bugs in CloneDVD2 V, sure was a quick fix.

Yes indeed it did help, thank you.

It does work like magic, check the box, insert the DVD, and voila, no unwanted garbage, in the viewing or on the burnt disk.
Only wish I was as smart as AnyDVD.

Hi, are there any plans to include “jump to main menu” to complement this feature? It’s one of the things I notice is lacking when moving over from DVDIdle Pro.

And how about the CDVD2 1st button ?

Copy DVD Titles > Title Configuration > Preserve menus :

You can copy the original DVD meny by selecting this checkbox.
The movie content of unselected titles will be skipped authomatically.

Is this what you mean or not ?

No, I was talking about AnyDVD - for playback only. I want to be able start the DVD at the menu, not with the main movie. this can be done with DVDIdle, not with AnyDVD at the moment (AFAIK). Basically what this does is skip the FBI warnings etc. Not a big deal, but still a feature that the competition offers and AnyDVD doesn’t.