Anydvd on multiple computers?

i tried to search this out on the forum, but to no avail…

if i have purchased a reg. key, can i use it on the 3 computers we have in the house? same goes for clonedvd.


Yes, but you don’t want them running the same time.

this is the honor system

yes as long as they are all owned by you and you won’t be using them at the same time.

you can have a copy on each computer for convenience, but not to triple your ripping/burning capability. if you’re looking for this information for that reason then you need to purchase extra keys.

Since this question pops up every few months we may want to sticky this thread for future use.

every few months? i was thinking more like once a week…

that’s funny, i tried to search and came up with nothing. must have not been using the correct wording on my search…

anyway, yes this is just for convenience, nothing more than that. i just didn’t want slysoft to see that it’s being used on more than one pc, and blacklist it or something like that.

thanks for the replies.

Hello Folks,

It amazes me that individuals are unable to use the simple Forum “Search” feature to research a particular topic.

The question concerning using multiple copies of SlySoft software programs on different computers has been asked numerous times and answered numerous times by SlySoft.

Below is the result of quick and simple Forum Search on the topic ->

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Everytime I try to use the search feature to help someone, I get nothing or it comes up page can not be displayed. It’s so often that I quit telling the tech staff.

I may get flamed for this
and before I say anything let me state that I am a big supporter of SS and own all their 3 main progs
but I think it is rediculous to think that a legit owner while permitted to install on multiple home PCs, cannot use them at the exact same time
I am backing up a dvd on one pc in my home and cannot start a a second instance of the prog on another PC owned by me in my home till the first instance comes to a completion?
This is really not a realistic requirement, and I doubt anybody really follows this to the letter
A reasonable expectation is not to share the key with others, and not install on other’s PC(s)

How would Slysoft know when you’re running AnyDVD on all your PC’s at once???

Case Closed :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

if you want to screw companies that work so hard to bring us useful products and impeccable support then that’s your business.

some of us like to do things legally.

Hello Folks,

Both SlySoft and Elaborate Bytes are being generous to their customers and allowing them to use copies of their software products on multiple computers if the customer agrees to only use one copy at a time. It appears that there are unscrupulous individuals who are extremely greedy and want to abuse SlySoft and Elaborate Bytes very liberal generosity.

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I don’t think SS really has a problem with the paid legit customers with 2-3 PC(s)(usually) in a particular home, backing up a fair number of their owned DVDs
they are not going to ask for or insist a backup start on the next pc at exactly the time the first one ends
How many usual people fall into this category

Now the unscrupulous ones running cloning farms out of their homes that is another issue, and they probably will not even say that it is being done

I guess if SS feel there is significant abuse they could incorporate activation or hard ware ID in additon to the regfile
but again this would not prevent simultaneous use, but just limit the number of installs
as MS is wont to do presently

I think it is honoring the spirit of the Law type of deal
Cheers everbody

What I was stating was that there was no big deal in that ‘only use on one PC at a time’ rule. It is those who try to load purchased softwares onto other peoples PC’s that Slysoft and software engineers are mainly battling with. If you purchased Slysofts’ software, they are being very flexible in allowing you to use it on your desktop and your laptop, etc. As long as it’s yours.
They’re not really going to worry themselves if you really try to use it on two of ‘your’ PCs at once!

Slysoft could easily disallow their purchased & registered software from being used on any other PC than the one you purchased it for, but they’re being gracious.

I do agree with the statement that Slysoft is a good software company, that is relying on the honor system of their customers and I also feel, ‘that’ is the reason why they are so successful.

As for those who are trying to be the ‘Moral’ police, it’s very hypocritical when you are offering technical advice and you do not know for sure whether the member asking truly owns the DVD that they are trying to copy, and also when you do not truly have the certification in computer technology to give certain advice which I have read some of you giving.

Lighten up! This is just a forum and not judicial system.
As I’ve stated in another thread, I think it is absolutely unnecessary for any member to berate another. Whether, as it was as in the other thread, a new member being extremely rude to another ‘regular’ member or a regular member being extremely rude to a new member asking ‘too simple’ of a question.

This is what I was giving my initial answer for. Slysoft is not so concerned about this that they would ‘blacklist’ or whatever he might of thought.

Kenrippy stated that he ‘did’ try to search, so belittling him with this statement was totally unnecessary, IMO.

Time to close this thread

As I have stated before some members like to display their holier than thou attitudes .
I think they must have a really low opinion of themselves. That is why they try to make other people feel like crap

I can rarely get the search to work properly, I suppose I’m stupid as well. I’m also reluctant to post very much on here, because I usually see people getting it in the neck for asking a dumb question, especially newbies and I don’t like to be made to feel an idiot, even if I am. If I knew the answer to a question, I wouldn’t care how many times I answered it. That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?

Forums are strange beasts and loads of people never quite get the hang of them and new users are very prone to being made to feel stupid. So, can we “all” show a little more patience please.

I think for the most part (99.99%) forum members will help a new comer
but it does help to post all the pertinent info (Found for example in this subforum stick #1)to make the help easier to offer
However manytimes this info is not forth coming or somtimes after considerable help from members the OP never posts back what is going on or the outcome of the help and this leads to frustration on part of the helpers