AnyDVD on Matshita UJ-820D drive?




I have used up all my options for region code change on my Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S7010 laptop with a Matshita UJ-820D DVD drive. I’m (as well as the laptop!) in region 2.

Will AnyDVD will let me watch / copy region 1 DVD with my laptop? I have searched the information but have not found any answers yet.

TIA for your help and guidance :slight_smile:



nm. maybe somdeay i’ll learn to read before posting…


Anydvd work like a region killer program. It allow you to watch any movie from any region. Why some people make sarcastic comments and dont answer the question?


that was not sarcastic. i posted a response and realized i hadn’t fully read the question therefore my response wasn’t relevant.

since only mods can delete posts i edited it to say that it was a nonsense post and should be ignored.

sounds like we have someone else that types before they read as well :wink:


@ robrub When you have installed anydvd you need to set it up one part of the setup is the region selection I notice you are in region 2 this will allow you to rmove the RCE
code of the disc and create a region free disc however id you have a region 1 disc
simply change the setting in anydvd to region 1 you do not have to change your dvd
region at all … When you are finshed revert it back to region 2 . If resonablerules is not too insulted by the silly comment from calcu007 perhaps she will poit you more directly to how to change it within the software she would be more qualified than I
as I do not use anydvd (plus I think she is No2 over there at slysoft lol )
hope this helps


matshita drives seem to always be a special circumstance. I’m no tsure of the specifics, but if you do a search for matshita on this forum you’ll see what i’m talking about.

there’s something about the hardware that keeps anydvd (or ANY software program) from effectively emulating whatever region it’s supposed to be emulating (which is probably how the original poster ran out of region changes in the first place…it kept asking him to switch since software can’t do its job)

i think you may be stuck since it’s a hardware specific issue that can’t be solved by software means.

like i said, i’ve never owned a matshita drive so a search on this forum might be more enlightening.


@ robrub,

There is difficulty bypassing Region Codes in Matsushita (Panasonic) Drives and this problem has been discussed in great detail in the Forum.

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting and note SlySoft comments in posting #2 in the referenced posting.

You mentioned that you ‘searched’ for information on this topic but were unable to find any information. I used the Forum magic “Search” button and found the above referenced Forum posting in less that one minute. Suggest familiarizing yourself with using the Forum “Search” feature to research the Forum.

As Forum Member reasonsnotrules pointed out in you other DVDFab / DVD Region+CSS Free Forum posting do not Double Post. Suggest viewing the Forum Rules ( and note the comments concerning Double Posting.

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Hmmm ok I knew that region free would not work with this drive but I wasnt sure
about anydvd as their website does not mention this drive your only way out is to get an usb or firewire external reader


@ robrub,

The suggestion by Forum Member rayw to obtain an external reader is viable option but is not “your only way out” as stated by Forum Member rayw. In some instances USB and/or FireWire configurations can prove to be problematic. An USB and/or FireWire External Drive also processes the inconnivance of toting around another item.

Another option is to replace the Matshita UJ-820D DVD Drive with a more conventional DVD Burner. The cost would be about the same as purchasing an external drive. Internal DVD Burner configurations can be more stable than external USB and/or FireWire configurations.

If you decide to replace your internal DVD Burner or purchase an USB and/or FireWire External Drive suggest visiting the DVD Burner User Reviews and Comments Forum ( and do some research before purchasing.

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It would maybe cheaper to purchase an internal slimline drive than a good external one. NEC’s or LG’s slimline drives are pretty nice.