Anydvd on linux with wine - how to get my dvd working?

Hi Folks,

as I read that AnyDVD works now on Linux using WINE I just gave it a go. The Installation so far went fine. But AnyDVD doesn’t my CD/DVD-drive(Burner). Has anyone of you an idea what I’ve got to do to get it working?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance an
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For what would you need AnyDVD on Linux??

Hi Chef!

Answer is quite easy: I’ve got some dvd’s which wont be copied using Linuxtools, such as dvdbackup, dvd::rip.

Is that a reason?


Hi ole220170 the last time I tried running AnyDVD in wine it wasn’t working. Yes it will install and the program will run but it couldn’t access the DVD drives even when all the .dll files were installed. If you want to back up your DVD’s you can use [B]Ritit4me [/B] and DVDshrink they both work well in wine and are free. Using those two programs you shouldn’t have any problems even with the latest DVD. :slight_smile:


Hi Coathi,
Hi Stormjumper!

Thanks for the info - I’ll gonna give that a go! Hope it’ll work!