AnyDVD not working

I’ve been trying to disable macrovision so I can play my DVD on my computer & view it on my TV (TV set up is working well with computer for other applications) I tried anyDVD, even tried the newest beta, but none of them work. It reads the css keys but the dvd still wont play if I have it set to go out to the tv. My computer uses nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 graphics processer with nview for TV out.
The faqs suggest trying “safe mode” but it is greyed out/non selectable.

Can any one help?

Removing of Macrovision must work, because CloneDVD refuses to copy Macrovision protected video data, but it does, if AnyDVD is enabled.

You should try to update your player software, this might help.

I tried about 5 different new DVD viewers. It works with none of them. :sad:

Try using DVD decripter.

Maybe your problem isn’t macrovision? Does ANY type of video play on your computer/television? I mean something you can download from internet for example…

Yes, all other video works. And DVD’s play if I turn off the TV off. But I need to play them with the TV out on. I thought anydvd would do that but it’s not.
Any help?

You should be able to play DVDs on your Video out even without AnyDVD, because your Graphics card has a Macrovision chip (at least, I would think so).
I assume that something else is wrong, maybe you must update your graphic card driver?

If you use DVD Decrypter and rip to the harddisk, do the ripped files play on your TV out? If not, it is not AnyDVD’s fault.

I’m not sure how to do that - could recommend what to use & how?