AnyDVD not working with my drive

I have a new Sony combo DVD & CD-R drive which allows 5 Zone changes before locking the drive to a particular zone.
This apparently is stopping AnyDVD from working as it is displaying the message “can’t read the DVD due to no zone”.
Since I don’t have and can’t get a DVD from another zone to lock the 5th zone change into the drive is there any other way (or software to do the task) to lock the zone into the drive, so AnyDVD will work?

Hope to get an answer soooon
Thanks in advance


curious do u have any software that uses pcouffin drivers ? or you can add those drivers and use another software that takes care of region …

other software that uses pcouffin are …dvd x copy …blindwrite …copy2dvd and various other or you can just put it on your drive …the pcouffin drivers and use this utility …

also what anydvd u using i ma using any dvd 2004 and it is working fine …but since i found this free software, on link above , i use it with blindwrite …cause it uses pcouffin drivers and it takes it out and it is free …