AnyDVD not compatible with LiteOn 20A1H?



I have posted this in the LiteOn forum, but also here incase someone knows about the issue already.

I have the 20A1H with LL06 and AnyDVD (latest released Jan 29), and I am unable to sucessfully make backups of any dvd I own. I was trying to use DVD Shrink, and it kept giving encryption errors. Same with Nero, and DVDDecrypter.

I put the discs in another drive on the same sytem…and it works–as it should. So I’m thinking Slysoft needs to be notified?

Anyone else having same prob?


as 18ap lite on + nero (not sure if it anydvd or nero?)



saint327 -

There is a distinct possibly that the problem lies in the LiteOn 20A1H DVD Burner Firmware.

You should contact LiteOn and inform them that you believe that there could be a glitch in the LiteOn 20A1H DVD Burner Firmware.

In many DVD Copying Forums there are postings related to problems with LiteOn LH20A DVD Burners Coping DVDs.



It is .in the firmware of the Liteons, just the newers drives though, may I ask what backup program you are using ?
I have read where others are also having this problem. A new firmware update should fix it. Hopefully


I have tried copying older DVD’s (ones that dvddecrypter can handle without any help from anydvd) and they copy and burn just fine. Whenever I try using the ElbyCDIO engine in dvd decrypter I get the error. As soon as I go back to the default SPT1 from MS it works great. Of course I have to use anydvd to back up anything that is recent or that I purchase in the future.

That makes me think that its something in the elby engine that conflicts with the drive. Could it still be the firmware? I emailed LiteOn about it…hopefully they’ll respond and I will post it here if that happens.


saint327 -

SlySoft Technical support has previously explained that SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes software makes a unique querying to DVD Burner Firmware/DVD Media MID that differs from most other DVD software. This different unique DVD Burner Firmware/DVD Media MID querying process requires that DVD Burner Firmware comply with a strict standard and sometimes DVD Burner Firmware is written in a manner that does not strictly comply with this standard.



This appears to be a firmware update for your drive.


I have the LiteOn 20A1H with LL06 firmware and haven’t experienced any problems or conflicts with AnyDVD…

Does AnyDVD show or recognise your LiteOn 20A1H??


I also have a LiteOn LH-20A1H LL06 and haven’t yet had any problems other then having to set my region setting on my drive. It would also help the forum reader if - saint327 - would state what the exact error is would go a long way to clear up what is the cause of the problem in drive reading or burning. Maybe also saint327 should try to use CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD and see if the same problem appears or go away.


LiteOn LH-20A1H LL06 will work with anydvd/clonedvd combo - but will not work with anydvd/shrink or anydvd/recode combo- but being the drive -recode - shrink will work on an uncoded disk and also work with dvdfab platinum- seems anydvd has problem with these newer drives(HP DVD WRITER 940D 3H2 also) anydvd is always updated to work with clonedvd 1st , then later updates will take care of the rest-


I have this drive and have found many dual layer discs fail at 50% during the read process. Not all dual layer discs fail, but many do, and they consistently fail.

It appears this problem affects some other drives as well.

Slysoft’s response so far is:

I have seen drives which have problems at the layer break. These were Pioneer DVD ROMS if I remember correctly.
Maybe the Lite-On has a similar problem. I don’t have this drive, so I can’t check.

It looks like this may be a classic case of “It’s the firmware, complain to the hardware company,” “It’s the software, complain to the software company.” For the record, I have read some posts from people who say rolling back to a much older version of AnyDVD fixes the problem, so I lean more towards the software side of things. I can only hope for a fix from Slysoft. I offered to donate a 20A1H to them, but have not heard anything back.


Plextor Drives: THE BEST!


I hear you Lord Croft but how does this help someone with a Liteon that is having problems, please keep your posts on topic please.:cop:


hay people the 18a1p has the same problem with the latest firmware?


My 165P6S and 16A7S both rail to read (rip) with AnyDVD running with Recode and CloneDVD2. Both drives rip fine with AnyDVD disabled while using Ripit, DVDFab Plat, and Magic Copier; it looks to me that the conflict is something between AnyDVD and the newer Liteon firmwares.


Are these SATA drives? What SATA drivers are you using?
I don’t think it is a firmware problem, but a driver problem.


165P6S is an External USB drive; the 16A7S is SATA. The only Ripping error occurs with AnyDVD running. Use either of these drives with other decrypting software and they rip without error.


AFAIK it doesn’t. At least mine doesn’t. :disagree:


Neither did mine. But there must be some kind of conflict because I am hearing alot of this lately.:doh:


I believe that problem with recent LiteOn DVD Burners is that the Firmware contained on these DVD Burners does not strictly comply for the lack of correct technical terms I’ll take the liberty to call “DVD Firmware standard specification”. There are a couple of Forum postings that SlySoft (James) has responded to commenting of this “DVD Firmware standard specification” that in the past some DVD Burner’s Firmware versions failed to meet.

In the below 2 Forum postings are some comments by SlySoft (James) concerning this “DVD Firmware standard specification”. Unfortunately these 2 referenced Forum posting are a little drawn out but they explain the problems incorrectly written DVD Burner Firmware can cause.

In the above posting suggest reviewing postings #26/ #29/ #31 comments by SlySoft (James).

In the above posting suggest reviewing postings #8 / #16/ #23 comments by SlySoft (James).

The above referenced Forum posting are just a couple of postings that deal with DVD Burner Firmware problems that SlySoft (James) has commented on. There are more but I am just too lazy to continue searching the Forum.

I believe Forum Members who are experiencing problems with their LiteOn DVD Burners and SlySoft AnyDVD should contact LiteOn and make them aware of the problem.