AnyDVD not backup 24 Season 5

Today I tried to backup 24 Season 5, I tried using Nero Recode First and CloneDvd later. When it starts and is about 30% done the Encoding process stops and gives this message:

“unable to read file %.”

Is this a new type of Protection?

Any help is appreciated.

I’m using AnyDvd & CloneDVD

Is your destination hard drive full

I backed up Season 5 with anydvd with 3 versions older than the current one and i was able to get it working. I am also using clonedvd2

You may want to try to separate this into different operations.

1 - Rip to disk minus protection
2 - Process ripped content
3 - Burn finished video to disk

That way, by isolating things, you could narrow down on which part is causing the problem.

Probable bad disc

Answering some more questions may help though:

Anyway, AnyDVD does not by itself backup anything contrary to Thread title…

I had trouble with Clone DVD…and had to go back
to Clone DVD…Now its running fine.
Must send email to SlySoft…Might be the new M / Soft Stuff.
Anyway try that …

Regards RayHenry :flower: