Anydvd & Nero Recode

Hi All,
Is anydvd and Nero Recode a good backup strategy for my movie dvd’s?

I have nero already - 7 ultra edition but I am not against buying clonedvd if it makes a big difference.

Does anyone have a “how to use recode” link or whatnot?

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I use both for backups, generally starting with CloneDVD, as its great for preserving menus, while only backing up the main title. If the movie isn’t too big and doesn’t require a lot of compression, I use CloneDVD only. However if the title requires more than 85%, I set Clone to custom, and use a file size big enough to achieve 100% on the quality meter. The resulting file I compress with Recode, to DVD5. Just splitting hairs, but I believe Recode does a slightly better job at compressing if you use the 2 pass, slow burn method.
Of course this is my opinion, and there are others who will disagree.
If you haven’t yet bought AnyDVD, buying Clone at the same time nets a discount, and there is a coupon deal good untill the end of the month (cd freaks) which makes the duo a great deal. And of course Slysoft has an awsome record of continually updating there products to keep up with ever changing copy protection. The more tools you have for back up, the better off you are.
As far as guides go, Nero’s help section covers the use of Recode pretty well.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Click on “Manuals” when you’re in Nero StartSmart. You will be directed to their website where you can find a number of individual PDF Help files.

I agree with Sockeye .
Nevertheless , when it comes to tough stuff , anyDVD sometimes can stumble . Therefore , my preference goes to RipIt4Me . It perfectly does the job and is [B]free![/B]
On Tread " [B]Guides & Tutorials [/B]" , you’ ll find a excellent description and guide of this stuff.
Nero Recode is excellent for compressing [B]and [/B]burning at once .

I have both Recode and CloneDVD and use both. CloneDVD is faster most times but Recode has advanced analyzing and seems to do better on discs that need heavy compression. Recode can do movie only or full disc as well as being able to convert to mp4.

CloneDVD has a free trial. You may just want to download it and run several movies thru both and see what looks best to you.

I am confused as to why someone would need clonedvd and recode? I guess I just don’t know what the difference in the apps is?
Then what to do with clonedvd and then rip it to recode?

No one NEEDS both apps. I bought CloneDVD and Nero came with a burner package. So I have both now. You are free to use whichever you prefer. Both do a fine jpb but you need something to bypass the protection on the disc. AnyDVD does that, or you can try DVDfabdecrypter or ripit4me in combo with dvddecrypter (dvddecrypter is no longer updated, thats why you need the ripit4me helper app).

:cool: Hi again ,
If you go to the thread " [B]Guides and Tutorials "[/B] , you will find an excellent description and guide written bij go4saket .
Cheers :slight_smile:

CloneDVD2 is excellent for preserving menus, when you backup the main title only.
This will allow you to use scene selection as you would with the original DVD. Recode won’t do this. It will preserve menus on full disk backup only.
Some of us feel that Recode gives better video quality when the title is large and needs a lot of compression.
Bottom line: With more backup software at your disposal, you have more options available to you. You need to try different applications to see what they can do, and decide for your self if you want to use one exclusivly, or a combination of them. (You can start with one to get a desirable file, then process this file with another application to achieve something else you may want.) :slight_smile:

thx, I will do that.
Last q for a bit, with recode, so basically with Nero Recode you can either do a full disk backup, or you can edit the dvd so that you take out the subtitles, extra sound, etc?
If you can edit it like that with recode then is it just impossible to not leave the main movie plus the menus? I am confused a bit and tried it out last night. I see that when you launch recode there is the option to do the full disk backup or just the main movie. I get to the edit screen and then you can click the “disable button”. So if I do that is there a way to leave only the menus?

You can do a “full disc backup” with Recode and then select objects and then disable them like you suggest. I do it from time to time to disable the trailers, and others features I do not need (such as when there is a WS and a FS version on the same disc).

However to retain a working menu with main title only, you would need to use CloneDVD2.
I begin all my backups with it, then use VobBlanker to remove unwanted material such as warnings, and studio intros, (little boy running down pier to jump in lake, fishing from moon, lions roaring, etc.) , finally burning with Nero Burning Rom. This allows me to compress only the material I want on my backup.

Not exactly true. You can do this with Recode. Just load the disc in full copy mode and disable everything except the main movie. You would have full menu and just the movie. Basically, its what CloneDVD does for you.

The only thing I see you may have is a blank space played when the warnings and logos would play, but by removing the material, you save on the movie compression. You could then run them thru vobblanker if you wish.

Just an option if you have Recode already and don’t what to spend more money. Try it on a disc and see what you think.

You are correct goober22. :doh: I had a brain lock going on.
I have used this method in the past, but didn’t care for long laps, when going through the custom picture, solid color, or what ever you choose to take the place of the material omitted. And, although smaller than the original extras, they still seem to be files of considerable size, when compared to blanked material. (I am assuming CloneDVD2 blanks omitted extras?)
As you pointed out, one could follow up with VobBlanker to remove these screens. But, I suppose the extras could just as well be omitted with VobBlanker.
In any event, you are correct about Recode being able to retain a working menu. Apologies to all for posting bad info. :bow: