AnyDVD/NERO Recode lockup



I have been using ANYDVD with Nero Recode to make backup of my DVD with no problem,but when I tryed to copy Resident evil 2 Nero lockup.I have all the updates.Any help


Resident Evil 2 is Sony arCOss Protected and Nero Recode 2 will not be able to remove CSS Encryption. Try using DVD Decrypter (version to remove protection first (set CSS cracking method to brute force and click ok to save settings) to change this setting open Decrypter then click on Tools then Settings and finally CSS and alter to Brute Force, then run processed file thru DVD Shrink to compress it and burn film.
If the above dosn’t work run AnyDvd in background and process with a programme called VobBlanker at to process film and then run processed file thru Dvd Shrink to compress and burn film.
Do not have AnyDvd running in background if you use Dvd Decrypter as they both do the same job and may conflict with each other.
Other films CSS Encrypted are The Forgotten, Little Black Book,Layer Cake and more will follow. You could also try AnyDvd with its sister product Clone Dvd but Decrypter, Shrink and VobBlanker are all free software. Happy Burning.