AnyDVD --> Messing with LightScribe?


I was trying to print my first LightScribe label, but everytime I would get a message saying that my media was not LightScribe, which it was (Verbatim brand). I tryed everything from reinstaling my burner to updating LS software.

At the end, I noticed that AnyDVD was enabled, so I went ahead and disabled it and voila! the software would recognize my media and was able to print the DVD…is this a known issue? Why would AnyDVD mess with the LS recognition?

I use Windows XP, my burner is an LG GSA-E30L.

Any ideas?

What software are you using? I believe that drive is external?

I tried a couple of applications: SureThing Deluxe v5 and also a basic software I found at None of the worked before I disabled AnyDVD

Yes, the burner is external…

Weird. Maybe post this in AnyDVD forum or send report to Slysoft