AnyDVD locks up system!

OK here is the details:

Asus K8N-E Deluxe Motherboard
NVidea Nforce3 250 Parallel ATA Controller (2.6 Driver)
Lite-On 832S Dual Layer DVD-Rw V0SA
Windows XP Pro w/ Service Pack 2
CloneDVD2 OR WinDVD 5

Here is the problem. CloneDVD loads and allows you to see the CD and WinDVD works perfectly UNTIL you load AnyDVD. When AnyDVD is loaded and then you load CloneDVD, you click on clone dvd, and the go to select source, the moment you click on browse the system locks up.

AnyDVD is seeing the DVDs but it is causeing the system to so wierd things. I also believe that if AnyDVD is loaded even WIndows exporer does not owrk when accesing the DVD drive.

Any Suggestions???

I am very lost. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

don’t use nvida drivers, roll back on win default drivers!

OK after review the CloneDVD thread I found the solution to the problem. AnyDVD does not like the nvidea IDE drivers or visversa. I simply reverted the Par. ATA controller back to the default MS driver and it is working now.

Thanks Vomitator, I was posting the same time you were. Thanks again for your quick reply.

Actually I say that Service PAck 2 also has SOMETHING to do with this situation TOGETHER with nVidia IDE drivers…

Because with WinXP SP1 + same (=2.6/newest) nVidia IDE-drivers AnyDVD works like a charm, but after installing SP2 it doesn’t…

So not alone nVidia drivers fault, but nVidias + SP2 fault…

Just my notifications about this issue