AnyDVD locks up after few minutes inactive

I’m watching a dvd in ZoomPlayer 4.51 through AnyDVD
I stop the movie, wait a few minutes, press Play and nothing happens. ZP locks up, and the only thing that helps is opening and shutting the DVDrom-tray. What could be the problem?


AnyDVD is used to remove the encryption so that you can backup your movie. try closing AnyDVD and then watch your movie. see if this works for you :slight_smile:

Not AnyDVD. No Problem here with Zoom Player.

First of all, I don’t “backup” DVD’s. I use AnyDVD to remove the annoying ads and trailers and locked subtitles, and to start the movie directly.

But I tried it without having AnyDVD running and the problem remained. So I guess it is some sort of hibernating function in my dvd player. Any idea how to get rid of this?