AnyDVD Keycode?

All true, but what if you sold this key to 200 people on ebay? Or posted it in pirate boards? How can SlySoft know that it was not your fault?

Well considering that he said stolen how about an official police report?Just a thought.

Defenders of compromised code
Be realistic, if you lose something you buy or it is stolen
do you hold the seller responsible???
and in this case the seller also lost out significantly!!!
because of the buyers loss

maybe as doc suggested a police report may swing balance in buyers favor

but the bottom line as far as I think IMHO
that the seller cannot be resposible for any individual compromising his reg key,
myself included, due to theft, trojan, acquaintance theft or any other cause

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Unfortunately I do not think you’ve heard a single official reply in here from Slysoft. And one would ask “whose life” are we talking about. I expect it is AnyDVD’s company and/or product life, with a clause in there somewhere saying they can change their mind whenever they want.

I don’t question their good intentions. But nothing is forever.

I understand that Masoc could be lying (not saying Masoc is, in fact, lying). I’m just saying if your computer were stolen or someone hacked your system, wouldn’t you be upset if your key were blacklisted–and Slysoft wouldn’t provide you with a new one (provided you had proof you were the original owner)? This seems to punish everyone–including the original owner.

I appreciate that if someone steals your printer, you can’t call up Canon, for example, and request they send you a new one.

I dunno. I kind of see both sides here. Just trying to make up my mind about what I feel is right, I guess.

I don’t believe anyone is blaming the seller for theft or hacked code. What I feel is in question here is whether a software company should not only punish the thieves by rendering a key unusable, but also deny the original customer the capacity to run the software without purchasing it again.

Anyway, the more I think about it, the less I think this situation will ever concern me, but I’ve probably just cursed myself by typing this. :doh:

isn’t that why we buy insurance (home,car,life,death) for? no one owes you anything if stolen except the insurance company. when they take everything into consideration that was stolen and you agree then you were paid for everything stolen. so the only thing left is to buy another key.

I’m a longtime registered user, but I’m starting to get a suspicious.
Okay, I do understand that SS blacklists keys that are used from hundreds of different IP’s, but I don’t trust a floppy disc as most of my floppy’s are unreadable, so I can do nothing else that keep my key in a passworded RAR-file.
Say, one day some creep gets into my system and is able to get my key, will SS then blacklist it ?

The other thing that bothers me is that SS seem not willing to take any measure toward safegarding your registration, while other softwarevendors at least have an option to resend your registration file if you give them the correct email-adress + correct creditcard details.

somebody put up this link for lost keys :wink:

i’d burn your key to a cd or dvd so at least you have a hard copy

‘life time’ means ‘life time, as long as SlySoft exists’


send an email with the police report (pdf/jpg, original scan - no Photoshop fake) to support AT and tell them to forward the email to me. Make sure your mail includes your full name, email and serial number(s). I’ll make sure that we replace your license keys.


Originally Posted by ashmo
If a buy a keycode does that mean I can own AnyDVD for life? With life time updates?

This was the official answer from Slysoft Customer Support over a query regarding udates being free and how to Run them, It also applies to CloneDvd as these are the only two products I own:
The updates are free.
In order to update AnyDVD just download the latest version of our
program at
Run the setup.exe on your PC. An existing AnyDVD will be updated and the
registration key will be taken over automatically to the new version.
Don’t forget to reboot directly after the installation. Otherwise
Windows doesn’t update the program drivers.

Best regards,
Lucy Hughes
Customer Support

In reading previous threads, I believe James introduced the newest Slysoft employee (Peervh) and I see that Tom Xiang is a new member but I don’t believe I ever saw an introduction recognizing Tom as a SS representative. In looking at the quote, it’s apparent Tom is representing himself as a Slysoft employee headquartered in Antigua. Is this legitimate?

I apologize if I missed a posting that addresses this issue.

Make sure your mail includes your full name, email and serial number(s). I’ll make sure that we replace your license keys.

if he can provide all of that, thats very decent of slysoft :clap:


USB stick?

Welcome to the forum Tom. That is a very good gesture on SS’s part. As hobo mentioned above tho, thats why we have Ins. I show them proof that I have purchased the hardware or software and anything else that was stolen and the pay me minus my deductable, and I go out and rebuy what I need. Since this was brought up I called my agent to inquire. Not assuming but folks could double dip at SS or anyother software’s expense. Just looking at both sides. If you don’t have Ins., well, thats another issue.

I called the police station to see if I can get a report. Can you believe they now CHARGE for this? HA! Oh well, I’ll be picking one up in a day or two.
Please note: I never expected SlySoft to do anything. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask and when they replied so bluntly, basicly stating that I shared my key with the world, it really set me off. When the computers were stolen I didn’t have to show Microsoft anything. I bought two new bare bones machines and Microsoft asked for my product codes. They then gave me a REALLY LONG numeric code (probably 60 or 80 numbers) to enter in a different part of the product code registration. Anyway, both the new compuers then were authorized to use the product codes that were on the stolen computers. I was told the stolen computers would not be able to be registered again.
It’s not a big deal. I just thought I would get more “FRIENDLY” service than I got from slysoft. Water under the bridge. When I get the police report I will scan it and send to slysoft.

hi masoc
you might want to edit out your email addy or you’ll get alot of that delicious tasting spam…

Julien1998 –

As Forum Member Tru suggests you can store your AnyDVD Registration Key on a USB Stick. Another alternative is Burning your AnyDVD Registration Key and SlySoft E-Mail to a CD or DVD disk.



I’m not really a “new employee” at SlySoft - I joined the company in Juli 2003.
Hopefully James will “ennoble” me soon…



hi Tom Xiang,
it’s nice to see other employee’s of Slysoft around here and to share the knowledge and help.
I hope you all stay around for a long time.