AnyDVD Keycode?

If a buy a keycode does that mean I can own AnyDVD for life? With life time updates?

You should peruse the Slysoft website to review and understand the warranty and support Slysoft commits to when you purchase their products.

Yes :iagree:

Ashmo -

Yes if you purchase a valid AnyDVD Registration Key from SlySoft (


So realy a one off payment for life?

Hi Ashmo:
I am surprised that you did not know this, you have been around awhile and built a few pretty good systems, I am surprised you don’t own this proggy already.:bigsmile:

So far you can. Lets hope it stays that way. I think I read somewhere that clonedvd2’s license could be for a year but so far they have never charged but once.

Just that normally licenses last for like only 1 Year. Just want to make sure. It says nothing on Slysoft’s site, just Life time updates, well anyone can get life time updates.

Life time updates usually mean “life time updates” :wink:

There is another thread in progress: and I’ll quote part of a recent post (from BeardedKirklander)

It’s good that they did not shaft the loyal users by charging them another dime. That is a great decision. Folks who paid $39 for it and were told they would get lifetime upgrades are still being treated fairly and the company is keeping their word. That is outstanding.

New folks know going in that they will pay $49 for it, and that’s fair too.

I guess I am the ONLY one who is not being treated fairly?

I purchased AnyDvd, CloneCD and CloneDvd two years ago.

Slysoft said they found my AnyDvd Key on public file share sites.
I told them this could be possible since I had TWO computers stolen early this year and THAT could be how my keys were found.

So since they have BLACKLISTED my keys why will they not issue NEW keys? I proved that the keys are mine and that I PAID for them.

I’ve been screwed.

Difficult situation. Sure did you paid for them, as you did for the computers. Did the computer manufacturer offer new ones? If the machines had Windows preinstalled, did Microsoft give you a free Windows copy?


Excellent points - and if they were covered by insurance - did the insurance company reimburse them for the stolen softwares-eh?

you have been screwed by yourself or who ever used your PC

I am sure SS would issue you new keys, if you issued them the revenue they lost for your keys beinng on the internet
I can only guess several hundred or more people using your keys at 120 bucks a pop that is a pretty large sum
So get real :bigsmile:

Masoc, Its nice to have new people here. Welcome, and you have my symapthy on this matter. bigmike7 offered an idea.

I wasn’t planning on posting in this forum anymore, but if it’s true that Masoc’s computers were stolen, then why is it his fault that the keycodes ended up on a filesharing network?

If your computer were stolen, zaq, would that be your fault?

I don’t know the whole story, but if Masoc does have his original order#, invoice, etc., shouldn’t Slysoft do something?

What if Masoc got hacked somehow (trojan)?

What if Zonealarm and your antivirus program failed you, Zaq?

This is addressed to everyone: let’s take Masoc’s version of things at face value. If the same situation were to happen to you, would you be upset?

It seems to me that if the stolen keyfiles are blacklisted, then what’s the harm in giving a real Slysoft customer a new key that works (provided Masoc can provide the original invoice)?

With Windvd, Nero, Alcohol 120%, Gamejackal, etc., it doesn’t even matter if I lose my keyfiles; I can log into the respective site and retrieve my serials.

In fact, with Windvd, Intervideo seems to issue a different serial every 10 days for existing customers. So, I don’t think it would even matter if my Windvd serial got blacklisted. But I could be wrong.

I dunno. I think if Masoc’s story is true . . . I would be upset. I was just thinking, “What if this happened to me?”

I appreciate that Slysoft has to protect its work, but shouldn’t Slysoft also protect all of its paid customers?

I agree. It would be a nightmare if this happened to me. But having the original email invoice and, hoping Slysoft will issue another key because the previous one got blacklisted through no fault of my own, is something to be looked at.

I don’t know how they handle something like that. Maybe I should email customer support, yeah - that’s what I’ll do. Just for my peace of mind. Besides, having an original email invoice should be PROOF that you purchased AnyDVD from Slysoft.

Okay, if you goto Slysoft’s website, you can actually enter your email address and RETRIEVE your LOST KEY. Slysoft will email you the exact email invoice of your purchase (at least they did for me) with the attached file.

So it’s possible to get your KEY back should you LOSE it. Getting blacklisted is a different story. Will have to wait and see what they say about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. I never noticed that before. Thanks. Here’s the link:

So it’s possible to get your KEY back should you LOSE it. Getting blacklisted is a different story. Will have to wait and see what they say about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty careful. Like many I use a firewall and antivirus program. I don’t let other people use my systems. I bought 3 keys for home use: 1 for me, 1 for my laptop, and 1 for my girlfriend’s system (she lives with me).

If I ever get blacklisted, I sincerely doubt it will be my fault, and it would be nice to know that Slysoft would be willing to help me out.

I guess Slysoft has’t updated their SALES invoice because it says that they CANNOT replace the licence key if you lost it. I guess too many users were complaining about lost keys?!? :confused:

But it’s good to know that as a secondary BACKUP, you can retrieve your key anytime. Way to go Slysoft! :cool: