AnyDVD Key transfer

This may sound familiar to some building a New PC (built C2D) and i am setting up all the usual programs.

I had no troubles with CloneCD,CloneDVD2,Nero,Alcohol120 etc as I had all the registry stuff saved where I thought I had left them in 2004.

I get too AnyDVD and I cannot find the Key for the life of me. I have the original email receipt I even have a registered copy on the Old PC, yet I cannot work out how I can get around this without pleading with Slysoft.

They state they wont issue a new key unless there is extraordinay circumstances, so before I ask them, is there and easier method I have the key registered in one PC it is connected to the new one direct cable as I have been doing some file transfers etc.

If any could help it would be appreciated. Thanks

it is easy
regedit : enter registry
go to this key and hit export
save to disk
this is your key
just right click slysoft and export and save to disk

Thanks fella, so obvious, currently banging head with a brick.

Don’t forget to save this key onto a floppy, flash or CD drive for future needs too.


if someone needs to save their clondvd key
right click EB and save to disk
and save regkeyz

I was able to transfer my keys to a flash drive, but how do i import the keys to windows 7?

[QUOTE=lionfanone;2493909]I was able to transfer my keys to a flash drive, but how do i import the keys to windows 7?[/QUOTE]

double click on them:flower:

[QUOTE=zaq;2495668]double click on them:flower:[/QUOTE]

That’s all you should have to do just make sure it is only on one computer cause that is most likely how many license you bought. :iagree: Also when you purchased Anydvd you should’ve gotten a email with the key as well so check there if you ever loose your key or the key that you used stops working cause it might’ve gotten corrupted.

Another post resurrected:)

[QUOTE=zaq;2495760]Another post resurrected:)[/QUOTE]

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[QUOTE=coolcolors;2495810]But yes it is Lazarus again… :doh: :doh:[/QUOTE]

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