AnyDVD is Uninstalled by Nero's Cleaner

I have useed AnyDVD for quite some time without a problem, recently, My dvd durner started to mess up DVD burns and I was making a lot of coasters.
So I contacted Nero Tech support allog with the log file they requested.
They responded that there were drivers from previous software I had installed that were causing the problem and sent “cleaner.exe” for me to clean pou the unused and unwanted driveres that are know to mess with Nero.
For those of you who are curious - you can download the cleaner program yourself on the nero site under their “Utilities / Tools” section.
When I ran it it did indeed come up with a list of unwanted drivers and its uninstalled them - then told me there was an error in my registry, it said that it fixed it and rebooted - on reboot - AnyDVD reported that it was not installed correctly and to reinstall the software to fix the problem. Before I reinstalled. I ran the cleaner again - no errors this time, then reinstalled AnyDVD and ran cleaner again - ERROR IN REGISTRY and wipes out AnyDVD.
I find this anoying. I havent had any problens using Nero with AnyDVD on my system. The othere drivers that it removed did fix the problem, however, the problem remains fixed even though ANYDVD is installed.
Has anyone elase heard of problems with AnyDVD with Nero? If so, is there a workaround if there is conflixt of some kind?
I guess what im asking is why Does Nero Inc. deem AnyDVD a “cofflict”?
The only answer I could seem to find is when I creared a disk Image for a region 7 (Aircraft) DVD that I had authored. Wen it went to verify the write, the protection code and MV were obviously gone so they did not match to verify correctly.
Is this the only reason or is there some one I dont know about?
Also - It burns my (CENSORED) when software companies just uninstall other sofwtare on your system simp[ly becase they dont want it there.
Any thoughts on the AnyDVD / Nero DIS connection?

Of course Nero deems AnyDVD a “conflict”. No shock there. Just like certain versions of Netscape crash IE6, and some Microsoft programs disable their competition’s programs.

I think it is just some kind of glitch. The Nero cleaner tools also remove the Discjuggler burn engine. I don’t see why it would be intentional though.

Guys, these cleaners and registry correctors have always been hit or miss. There is just too much out there that they cannot be correct on everything they do. It is just a best guess many times as the fine print will tell you.

I agree. The disfunctional “NeroCheck.exe” belongs in the same category. Don’t use them unless you don’t see any other way of solving a problem.

Hello Folks,

The only way I am aware that you can insure software programs are uninstalled correctly is to use a Software Utility Program similar to Total Uninstall (

These types of programs like Total Uninstall take a snapshot of your registry before a program is installed and remembers what the Windows Registry looked like before a software program is installed. The software Program is installed and the Software Utility Program similar to Total Uninstall then again takes another snapshot of the Widows Registry and remembers what the Window Registry looks like after the software program is installed. When you want to remove the software program you use the Software Utility Program similar to Total Uninstall and your Windows registry is returned to state it was before the program was installed. As stated before this is the only way I am aware that you can insure software programs are uninstalled correctly.

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