AnyDVD is reborn, version available – first release by RedFox

It seems ok now , I can access it ok , It was previously giving me the DNS error .
Just a temporary glitch it would seem.

Help! I just got a new laptop so I went to slysoft to get anydvd and discovered all this. I don’t use it a lot but I like having it on my computer. I have had it for a long time with free lifetime upgrades. I have a saved old email with my registration key with instructions to save the file to my desktop and left click it to activate, but since it’s from the old site, it’s not working. How can I activate this? Thanks

AnyDVD’s new rebirth or owners unfortunately no longer recognize previous lifetime licenses. They did in the beginning when they allowed a couple of updates but now if you want to continue receiving downloads of the latest updates, you’re going to have to purchase a new…cough…sputter *#, lifetime license. The problem is how can anyone trust a new lifetime license when the old lifetime license was so easily rendered invalid? I like many no longer use AnyDVD that much, I mostly keep it as an old keepsake, but there is no way I’m going to purchase a new license that could be rendered useless at any time. I still have the latest version that accepted the old license and I’ll use it when ever I need it, but if I need to rip a new BD that my current version no longer recognizes, then I’ll use DVD Fab HD Decrypter which is free.