Anydvd is NOT removing the reigion code...?

I need to copy a movie that is region 2 pal so it will play on a standard USA dvd player, I used shrink, then dvd decrypter with any dvd running in the background. the disc plays fine in the multiregion player, but it still wont play in the regualr USA one, why is that? I thought any dvd removed region coding…

Removing Region coding does nothing re converting Pal to NTSC(USA) specs.

Use AnyDVD by itself, not with Decrypter, they are both trying to do the same thing.

What bilbo65 said. Even though you removed the region code, it is still PAL encoded and you are trying to play it in a NTSC encoded player (USA).

You will have to convert it from PAL to NTSC (which I jeard is a pain).