AnyDVD is not active for drive F which is my DVD [player Video-TS does not exist.}



I am new at this burning DVD I used trial version of Any DVD and the program worked well. After purchaseing the program and getting my key registration I can do anything. When I put DVD movie in my DVD drive and then I put in a blank DVD dic in drive E which is the DVD writer.

“I have had two errors it began with Video TS does not exist.”
Now it is " AnyDVD is not active for drive F"

Only one time was I able to use the ANYDVD after purchase put I had to upload to hard drive but then when I download to writer DVD disc drive I can’t

I know my drives work becasue i can watch the movies in my movie dvd drive and I make homemade DVD slideshows through the Arcsoft showbiz programs.

please help, I was stupid enough to rent 20 DVD’s last night now I will be paying 20 DVD late charges. But of course the trial verson of AnyDVD worked just fine, not that I have paid them and got the regkey I can’t do anything. Is this some sort of bad program that I wasted my money on??

Thank you



you’ll get no help here.


burning rented dvds is illegal. and what the hell kind of rental store would allow you to take out 20 dvds at once? forget burning, I’d assume you were just stealing them if I worked at that store.


anydvd is NOT a bad program. It’s one of the best. But it does seem as though you’ve wasted your money since you can’t figure out how to use it and you certainly won’t get any help here.


I guess a Flatrate system of renting dvds. But for a local store it’s a bit unusual, online stores almost offering these systems.


first of all I am part owner of the sotre but I do pay for my rentals it is a business. Second of all, VHS tapes rental do record for back up and personal use.
Third, this is what AnyDVD program is about - to break the codes and use the program! So why are you posting


DO NOT send me unsolicited PMs and ask me why i even bother posting. this is the best way to make me angry and receive no help.


I am sorry, but I I am very new at this and I was hurt too. I had read some of your post and see that you do rental copies. So if I offended you in anyway I apologize-yet I was offended to so least make amens and I know you give great advice for I have read many of your forums. If you are still upset after this mail - I will understand.
Pregnant mothers can get feelings hurt easy


Reasonnotrules is right…the rules of the forum are explicit in this area, regardless of your relationship to the store that rents out the DVDs.


i make backups of items i own. i get discs ahead of time because i work at a rental store.

occasionally if someone is having a copy protection problem I’ll bring a disc home to see if there’s any special protections, but i NEVER MAKE A BACKUP of anything i don’t own. that’s illegal.


@ menzelnow
In most european countries it’s even illegal to make backups of movies which are your own. Just to clarify it, regarding laws. But it depends on where you’re livin!


first off patty do not rent in store use the service that ends with —flix. I cannot help with your technical question but this will alleviate future late fees and give you many more times movies for the money


have you read the forum rules yet? posts of this nature pertaining to burning and any type of rental service are not allowed…


…But of course the trial verson of AnyDVD worked just fine, not that I have paid them and got the regkey I can’t do anything…
The first thing to do in situations like this is to contact Period.

Bad post reported.


pinto2 I think it’s only a spelling mistake and [B] not that I have paid them [/B] should have been [B] now that I have paid then [/B] if you read the first post carefully it has

I think menzelnow makes it very clear a few times he or she has [B] purchased [/B] anydvd.


Welcome to the forum. Go to the ANYDVD section in this forum and ask for help there.


I gotta say, a few minutes after joining this forum, I’m thinking of quitting it based on the level of nastiness of the old hands.


if you adhere to the forum rules (which should certainly be read before posting), we’re actually quite nice and infinitely helpful.

part of the nastiness in this thread is also stemming from the fact that I received unsolicited PMs…not a good way to start off.


Bad hair day :iagree: