AnyDVD is getting amnesia?



As requested by Ollie, I am posting this under a new thread.

A few days ago, I was running anydvd w/PowerDVD 6 on 2.8ghz 512 megs ram, Iomega USB 2 external combo drive. Was watching Farscape, Season 4, Disc 6.

Machine hardlocked, and when I rebooted, AnyDvd popped up error message saying it couldn’t read the DVD, wrong Region etc etc. So, I did a re-install. Seems to have fixed it.

Have since upgraded to With the first install, I got the above error message. Reinstalled, and message went away again. (see attachment)

Now I have a different problem. I watched the Farscape DVD, but when I swapped to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, it was as if AnyDVD wasn’t even installed. PowerDVD asked me to change Regions, but I cancelled. I ran a different program (DVD Region +Css Free) and it worked without a hitch, but is a memory cruncher compared to AnyDVD. I really prefer AnyDVD or did up until this… But still stubborn enough to keep working with it.


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These DVD’s ? were they pressed disc’s ie: original or backups
If they were backups it’s possible that when recorded the assigned RPC region was incorrect
I had this a while ago & my Plextor 716 came up with the same message . However on transferring disc to one of my other drives ( NEC 3540a / LG 4163b )
the disc played fine & without any such message


Not being snarky, but if they had been back up discs, I would have said that at the outset.

And before you ask: checked for virus, scanned for other nasties, examined discs for motes of dust, and checked drive for dust too. Nothing.


Did AnyDVD recognise the diskchange? Does the Information window display the correct disc? Did the little red fox change colours when you inserted the second disc? Could you try to uninstall any similar software like DVD Region free or DVD43?


I did try a similar software, and it had no problem with the disc, or disc change or PowerDVD. And yes, AnyDVD did recognise the disc change, and changed color. It popped up the above error message. I could see it if I hadn’t played the dvds before without a hitch. I even used a different Dvd viewing program, Ulead, and I still got the same error, until I used similar software.

Oh yes, one time, in the middle of playing the Farscape disc, I got another AnyDVD message (didn’t capture it, sorry) saying the disc was improperly mastered. Stopped PowerDVD, shut down AnyDVD. Started DVD Region +Css Free and restarted PowerDVD and there was no problem watching the dvd.

Gut feeling says it’s some sort of bug as I have never had a problem with either PowerDVD, AnyDVD or any of the movies I had watched.


@ Anysia,

Is your software DVD player and your hardware DVD reader both set to the correct region of the problematic DVDs. Is the AnyDVD software program set to the correct region of the problematic DVDs.

PS- Being courteous and cordial to Forum members who are attempting to help you will go a long way in resolving your problem.

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Changing the region of the dvd player defeats the purpose of AnyDVD, as it would end up locking the drive to one region after 4 changes. I don’t use the internal Matshita UJ 820s for anything but region 4 DVDs as its firmware is set up in such a way that no DeCSS program will work if you use a different region DVD. And if I run DVD Region +Css Free with the external on a DVD of a differnt region, there is no conflict. This has only JUST starterd happening with AnyDVD (I have been using it for quite a while).

I am being polite, which is why I prefaced a comment with “I am not being snarky”. Also, text doesn’t carry tone of voice. I wanted to head off a thread of possiblilities before I was asked,which would have been a time waster.


@ Anysia,

I stand corrected concerning DVD Player Software and the use of AnyDVD.

In your original posting in this thread you posted a screen capture of an AnyDVD warning notice. #3 in that warning notice mentions known problems with Matshita DVD Reader/Writers.

In your most recent posting you mention the use of a Matshita UJ 820. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the screen capture AnyDVD warning notice #3 concerning Matshita DVD Reader/Writer and your use of Matshita UJ 820 related?



S’ok about the misunderstanding.

I was using the external Iomega, and that is what the screencap is from, not the onboard Matshita (useless for any DeCss program unless both media and drive are set to same region)


It seems everyone is sorta chasing the same rabbit on this one: that somehow ANYDVD or a conflict with other software is affecting the region code setting negatively.

I have seen that exact window pop up about 1/2 a dozen tymes, and originally I thought it was my burner was producting defective discs…but wait, they play on the set-top players…just not on the PC? (I still havent figured out why that is, gave up searchin).

I finally came to the conclusion that indeed, I have some issue with 1 of my 2 DVD drives. The burner is a toshiba…the reader is a sony (It was a gift or Id have gotten something better with bad sectors). I saw that error WAY LESS if I used the burner as reader also, and I dont see it AT ALL if I play the discs back in another machine (Hitachi reader only, no burner).

WHat thats telling me is it IS in fact a hardware problem (on my machine) with its ability to READ the discs compared to other machines/devices. (Yes, I uninstalled anydvd, powerdvd, everything else that could access the drives). AFter experimenting on and off for weeks, updating firmwares, etc…I shelved the wonderment and just presumed that 1 or both my drives are slightly flakey. DVD-R Discs made on my brothers machine (NEC burner) do not cause the error when reading on my machine. Discs made on my machine are VERY SLOW to boot in his machine(Drive takes quite awhile scanning before it FINALLY recognizes the DVD), but eventually read OK, and on my machine they may or may not pop up that identical error box. FOr these and a variety of other quirks…I believe its A DRIVE issue…not with region as is being chased in this thread, but with the physical quality of the data it writes to the disc…its making it “unrecognizable”…which the error may see and report the same as unreadable data even though the optics picked the data up fine…Windows couldnt figure out what it had seen and it had to say SOMETHING?

We believe anyway. Could be wrong, but hey…mistakes are how we learn…


The problem I have is I that the onboard DVD player has to have the media and hardware set to the same region or the dvd will not play. After emailing the computer manufacturer and the DVD manufacturer, I have been told it’s an anti piracy gimick. It will be no use to me locked to one region only as I have family in the US and get US region DVDs for holiday/birthday gifts. This is why I got an external USB DVD drive.

But this popup error only just started happening, it wasn’t a problem before. (I have been using the external for over 6 months)