AnyDVD is falling behind in some respects

I love Anydvd have been a user for about a year now. I never had a problem with any movies until ripguard movies. Now I know AnyDvd works fine with ripguard movies and Clonedvd2 but I prefer to use Nero Recode. I prefer to use AnyDVD for all movie backups. Now I recently tried another program which works just like AnyDvd, its called DVD Region+CSS Free and I have tried two Ripguard movies so far Flightplan and Underclassman and had no problems. When you do a fullbackup using Anydvd same movies you get the out of memory errors. Please I’m begging Anydvd for a fix here and can bet so are many others that hate having to use other programs to rip first like vobblanker before you can process through recode.

DVD43 worked perfectly with several discs with DVD Shrink and Recode where AnyDVD would fail. I have both installed on my system right now, zero conflicts - I just don’t try running both at the same time. DVD43, a program that a number of people bash for having a lack of updates, has no problems working in conjunction with Recode and DVD Shrink, I fail to see why their beloved AnyDVD doesn’t. And yes I know I’m going to get defensive users of AnyDVD throwing hissy fits over me posting this in the AnyDVD forum. Too bad AnyDVD is lagging behind the ‘lowly’ DVD43 in this aspect, it’s unfortunate that it has poor compatibility with a program as commonly used as DVD Shrink.

Actually this isn’t entirely an AnyDVD problem.

If you rip the disc to the hard drive FIRST, i.e. open up the DVD drive in “My Computer” and drag the VIDEO_TS folder over to your desktop and then open it up in Recode or Shrink or whatever… everything is peachy.

James fixes this routinely, the next version of AnyDVD should address it, but more than half of the problem lies with DVD Shrink and Recode and the way they’re trying to access the disc. Or at least that’s my understanding.

To me it is pretty simple, many still prefer shrink and nero recode over Clonedvd2 for the quality. The competition had this problem adressed for some time now. I love anydvd and would prefer to use it over the competition.

why should SS not fine tune their software ie anydvd to work in 100% perfect harmony with another complimentry one of their own software ie clondvd2

SS is looking out for the interests of their paying customers to bring the best software and software combos to their PAYING customers

I and the rest would prefer they fine tune anydvd to work flawlessly with clondvd2 than to have a generic program that works haphazardly

the people who want generic freebies well go for it
but don’t come here and bitch about it

would you like some cheese to go with the whine?

zag, i think your response is a little rude.

sure from a business standpoint making anydvd compatible solely with clonedvd might make get a few extra bucks for them and elby, but slysoft has already made it abundantly clear that that is not the direction in which they are heading.

their main concern (and rightfully so) is compatibility with CloneDVD2, but they’ve been working hard to keep making fixes so dvd shrink and recode continue to work.

both of these programs are pretty much dead. dvd shrink, for sure, and recode might as well be with the amount of support it gets from nero. The blame lies partly with those programs for not updating. AnyDvd’s updates crack the encryption, but do so in such a way that dvd shrink and recode don’t seem to like.

i’m sure if you zip up the IFOs and send them off to slysoft instead of complaining about it on a messageboard, they will be glad to try to work out a solution as they have for others in the same situation.

The clear message that slysoft has sent lately is that they care about their customers whether they are anydvd/clonedvd2 customers or customers that use anydvd in conjunction with other programs. if you ask them for help, they’ll help you!

also, i believe James has posted on here before that the reason that anydvd needs an update to handle newer movie while other programs are already equipped is because anydvd changes for specific protections in order to not cause any bugs elsewhere. other programs will undergo a larger change, but run the risk of having conflucts/other issues. Slysoft prefers to update their product as needed, which isn’t an issue for me because of free lifetime updates, and when an update is needed, it is usually available within hours.

so yes, (obviously), i’m an avid AnyDVD supporter, but I’m not about to get all offended if you’re not satisfied with the product. I just think you should contact the vendor, explain your problem, provide them with IFO files and a description of your error with recode/shrink and give them a chance to help you out. Slysoft has done that for people on this board, and you’d be hardpressed to find service like that from a lot of other programs.

I think you misread my post
I don’t have any problem with anydvd or any other SS software
rather my post was directed at the chronic whiners who keep complaining about anydvd not working with their generic freebie rippers, and not being greatful it works most of the time and touting the other freebie descramblers
if the freebie stuff works for them then stick with it

I know for a fact the freebie dvd descramblers don’t work with with new protection ie the one mentioned above for a few weeks till they are able to reverse engineer anydvd and make them work


i think you misread my post.

i’m in agreement with you…i just thought the way you went about expressing the opinion that anydvd is just fine how it is was sort of rude.

maybe a little rough around the edges
not intentionally rude

What a suprise, someone shedding a tear over me mentioning that AnyDVD has a disadvantage over a free program, no need to get so defensive. :sad: As paschal points out, he prefers to use Recode. I’d prefer to use DVD Shrink or Recode over CloneDVD2 for transcoding, both are capable of better quality in exchange for slower transcoding times. I’d rather spend zero dollars on DVD Shrink and improved quality and more flexibility in compression adjustments than spend money on another transcoder. AnyDVD works well at removing encryption, but it would be more useful if it was compatible with Shrink and Recode. There are a number of users that would prefer to use Recode or Shrink, and for us, why buy AnyDVD if it doesn’t support them? Supporting Shrink and Recode would HELP the author’s cause, not hurt it, IMO. My desire to see AnyDVD support Shrink and Recode is intended as constructive criticism, but some AnyDVD users are too busy defending AnyDVD (and their money spent on it), while mocking those that would like to see better support for other programs besides CloneDVD2.

The problem here is that this isn’t necessarily about “freebie” software. DVDShrink still has desirable capabilities that CloneDVD2 does not. So many folks (me included) prefer to use it for certain needs and situations.
It is true that CloneDVD2 is able to deal with some of the problematic areas left behind by AnyDVD in newer titles - areas which DVDShrink cannot handle. So, maybe Slysoft is already skewing the AnyDVD product to work best with CloneDVD2. If that is the case, maybe they should stop offering AnyDVD for sale separately - and just package it with CloneDVD2 only. But I expect Slysoft will modify AnyDVD when they get a chance to make its output more compatible with programs like DVDShrink - they have in the past - so be patient.
In the meantime, for folks who are determined to use DVDShrink in certain cases, you can always try DVDFabDecryptor or use the pgcedit plug-in approach to ripping with DVDDeCryptor. It works just fine on most anything - including dvd’s like Flightplan.

like I said go for what ever tickles your fantasy
I will not shed a single tear for you and others like you

you are a real hypocrite
DVD Region+CSS Free and even their paid premium version took nearly 3 weeks to come out with a version that could copy the new sector protection
i have many friends that could not copy stealth and madagascar etc when they first came who were using the free stuff
Anydvd users are bashing the other software
there is no need to
the freebie stuff is crap and we all know it
when people like you forget that and come here and want to be reminded than by all means we will be sure to accomadate you
Have a good day

you get what you paid for

I have yet to have a disc that DVDFab Decrypter had trouble with, and only one that I’ve come across that DVD43 had a problem with. DVDFab Decrypter, in particular, gets updated very often and does a perfectly capable job. Keep on bashing people using perfectly capable free programs to justify your purchase. :wink:

P.S. - I’ve never even USED the program you mentioned, I’m not sure how that makes me a hypocrite. :confused:

why do people fight about this.

if you’re unsatisfied with your anydvd purchase, take it up with slysoft.

if you’re happy with anydvd, quit touting it as the be all and end all of dvd decryption. there are different programs available because people like different things…same goes for you dvd fab and dvd43 users dammit!

why can’t we all just get along :flower:

if by “we” you mean “you”, then yes, I agree. for all my purposes dvd rebuilder does a far better job with preserving quality than any commercial transcoder, even using the free quenc encoder.

you are right
I am sorry to all
got carried away, if i could go back and delete all that stuff I would
just use what ever makes you happy and there is always room for constructive criticism
as long as there are different minds working on the same problem we will all benefit and no disk will remain un-archivable
looking forward to HDVD archiving
Peace and Cheers

Ah, but will it be blu-ray or HD-DVD? Sounds like HD-DVD is winning the battle since more companies are jumping towards it including I believe MicroSLOTH :-(. Blu-ray holds way more that HD-DVD ever will :-(.

now if only you could teach my boyfriend how to say these words :slight_smile:

me thinks it is time for a new boyfriend

ah, so refreshing to see a “computer-nerd” girl like all of us guys :stuck_out_tongue: J/K