AnyDVD Intro/Guide:PT 1 -Download/Install/Register:

Primarily aimed at folk new to Slysoft products.

N.B I am using (or rather did use as the AnyDVD version implies, started a little while ago.) Vista Ultimate 64 bit. With UAC/Windows Defender etc all enabled.
These are in fact still my settings.
Even had/have teatime running (for those who don’t know a program associated with spybot).
Note : - I do not experience any problems whatsoever in relation to Download/Install/Register despite this.

N.B. The following procedure can used with other MS OSes & of course applies equally to AnyDVDHD.


DOWNLOAD: INSTALL: REBOOT: KEY: (download) Key: (moving to AnyDVD folder) Key: (Registering)


Firstly go to the Slysoft site.
Click on Downloads You should see a screen like the attached.

As shown click on the AnyDVD & AnyDVDHD DOWNLOAD button.
This window should then appear.

Click on the Save button.
Saving files to your HD (Hard Drive) first is recommended.
Select where you want to save the file to.

On the completion of the download you can either click on the Close button (then install at later date)
Click on the Run button to install from the HD.
This is recommended. As it only takes a short time. So get it done & out of the way.

Following on from the last screen shot in the prvious post. The next window should look like this.

Click on the Agree button. Failure to do so will result in termination of installation.
This should then give you the Options screen.

If a new user it is recommended to leave this as default (both boxes are checked). In my screen shot you can see I have opted not to have a Desktop Icon.
Click the Next button.
This screen simply asks for confirmation of install. Just click the Install button.

On completion this screen should be present. Just click the Close button.


Following on from the above should be this screen.

Just click the Yes button.
On installing upates. You will not always be required to reboot. However many users will do this regardless. It ensures the Operating System has registered any changes in the program.(Recommended)
On rebooting with the initial installation or clean re-install. The following window should appear.

Just click the appropriate button.
Order if you want to purchase then.
Continue to take advantage of the trial period of 21 days.
Clicking on Continue should take you to this screen.

On reading the brief note (Important info), click the OK button.
Just to check the trial period at a later stage. (See how days left etc). Click on Information (can be seen in the above screen shot, bottom of menu on the left hand side).
This should give you the following screen.

[B][U]Key: (download)[/U][/B]
An email is sent to you with an attachment. (See red oblong)

Simply click on attacment to download.
(Tip if you save this email to a folder you create [name it something like ‘Registrations’] You will have the details of the transaction + the Key kept safe. You can see in the above screen shot this to be the case.)
The next window should look like below. Simply click the Save button.

Choose where to save key.
(Tip save the the same folder as the program. i.e. Slysoft/AnyDVD)

On completion of download click the Close button.

[B][U] Key: (moving to AnyDVD folder)[/U][/B]
If you saved your Key elsewhere.
i.e. Folder/CDR/Floppy etc.
It is a good idea to copy the key to Slysoft/AnyDVD folder.
If you downloaded to this folder, skip to next post.
You can use Windows Explorer to do this.
I have used Total Commander simply for illustrative purposes.
First go to where the key is saved. Then click & hold down. Drag to new folder (in this case AnyDVD) & release mouse key. (Known as drag & drop).

With the next screen, just click the OK button. (Will look slightly different using Windows Explorer.)

If using Vista you might need to click the As Administrator button.

Once complete, you are ready to use the RegAnyDVD function to register product.

[B][U]Key: (Registering)[/U][/B]
Double clicking on RegAnyDVD (see last attachment, previous post) should give this window. As you can see, because the Key is in the same folder. It is clearly visible.

Highlight Key & click the Open button.

This should produce the following window. Click ont the OK button.

To confirm all is as it should be. Click on Information. You should see something similar to below. Only with your details of course. Click on the OK button.

Examples of Windows Explorer.

All feedback of a constructive nature.
Plus any suggestions as to any further possible guides [[B][U]here please: [/U][/B]](
Many thanks.