AnyDVD Intergration

How do I get AnyDVD to work with DVD XCOPY Platnium? Im getting finalizing errors still. Can anyone help me?

Why would you need AnyDVD with Platinum? X Copy needs no help to make backups. I have both and if I use Platinum I turn off AnyDVD. X copy, however does not bother AnyDVD or Clone. :cool:

You will need AnyDVD with newer protections.

glowboy, what brand media are you using? My first thought is that you are using cheap stuff. I don’t know what all the kids are using to scan their DVD’s these days.

Next idea, copy the DVD to your hard drive and see if it plays all the way through ok. If it makes it to your hard drive, then it’s not a problem with AnyDVD.

Step 1: Take your DVD XCopy install CD’s, and smash them with a hammer.

Step 2: While still holding the hammer, ask yourself “why did I buy DVD X Copy?”

Step 3: If the answer was anything other than “because I was a clueless idiot who needs to be smacked”, hit yourself in the head with the hammer. Otherwise, smack yourself a nice “biff” with the palm of your hand while repeating “I will not buy crappy software without doing some research!”

Step 4: Go download a real program.

Use your AnyDVD with Nero Recode, thoes two do the same thing as X Copy

@Gurm - hehehehehe - I seem to detect you have strong feelings towards a certain ‘X’ program!!

@glowboy - if you are happy with AnyDVD, why not give CloneDVD2 a go? You get a 21 day free trial from - both program are very well supported both by the authors and on these forums.

However you problem is in finalising the disc. This would have nothing to do with AnyDVD - this is only used in ripping the disc, not writing it. The first things to check are the media you are using and the firmware version of your burner.

I to had some problems with X Copy Plat. I have since converted to CloneDvd2 and have experienced great backups with 100% less headaches. IMO DVD X Copy is dead…I dont think it can handle the newer encryption processes like Clone can, plus AnyDVD and ClonDVD get updated pretty regulary. AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 ROCK HARD!