AnyDVD Installation

Ok, 1st let me say, i’m a very new newbie not computer illiterate, but close enough.
Here’s my problem. I am using 1clickdvd, was using it with dvd43. I have completely removed dvd43, checked, rechecked and checked again. It’s gone! I am trying to download anydvd, but am getting a run error that says framedyn.dll is not installed, installing this program again MIGHT fix this error. After attmepting to instal anydvd for the 4th time I’m still getting this message. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

you can get it here


but i don’t know where to put it, sorry

edit; bkf has the better option :doh:;en-us;319114

Bj: Windows\system32\wbem

and if you get real bored you can read how the windows WMI process works :confused:

I thought about this somemore. You used the word “Download” Downloading as in a trial would not envoke the WMI process. The process would be used durning an install. It’s highly unlikley that .dll file went bad by itself. The latest version was part of a windows service pack and would raise a whole bunch of trouble when trying to install any programs that use the process if it were broken. I have never watched a slysoft product install but I think they most likley use the process to sort out valid install keys.

Ps: want to bet I can find some leftover DVD43 files still in there :bigsmile:

Ok, hurdle 1 down! Thanks to both Bjproc for suppling the links (cause the file wasn’t on my system) and to bkf for telling where it goes. PS I won’t take any bets at this time, i’m sure some files are still there along with a hundred others I don’t want to know about LOL.
New problem…It’s not recognizing either of my DVD drives. I have uninstalled and rebooted twice…any suggestions?