AnyDVD Information Two layers Opposite &



AnyDVD Information Two layers Opposite & two layers paralell. I have serious problems ripping the discs with the information given as 2 layers Opposite but no problems ripping discs 2 layers paralell. What is the difference? And why does my BenQ1640 read them differently.


Opposite (OTP) and Parallel (PTP) are 2 different ways a DVD9 is mastered. In OTP layer 0 starts at middle of the disc and works towards the outside, layer 1 then starts where layer 0 stopped and heads back into the middle of the disc.

PTP again layer 0 starts at the middle and works towards the outside, then layer 1 also starts at the middle and works towards the outside.

At present all DL burners can only burn OTP.

As to why you are having problems ripping OTP discs I have no idea - sorry!!


Well I do not have any problems with my other burners, just the BenQ1640 and its not just me. There is a whole thread of people experiencing slow ripping with OTP disc and my burner can rip and burn PTP, I may not understand what you mean by “At present all DL burners can only burn OTP.”


Regardless of how the disc is mastered OTP or PTP if you are backing up onto a DL disc it can only be burned OTP


@abrown: I really do not understand most of this but I really appreciate your input. All I know is that when using AnyDVD and the BenQ1640 with OTP discs they cannot be ripped at speeds equal to PTP discs. I have tested this a number of time in the past week. I am trying to figure a “workaround” but I don’t know if this is possible.


It happens. Traditionally, MOST dual-layer discs were mastered OTP. And MOST drives read OTP more slowly than PTP. I know all of mine do. Why is this? I just don’t know.


So what you are saying is that my BenQ1640 is not defective, but I would like to know why my riplock removed NEC does not have this problem. The BenQ 1640 is not suppossed to have a riplock and it is not ripping at the speeds D/L OTP only that it is suppossed to.