Anydvd in taskbar?

ok i know this might sound like an odd question but has anyone else noticed with this latest update to anyDVD that the taskbar icon has disapeared? or am i just having technical difficulties since my registration? im only asking cause i kinda like seeing it sitting there letting me know it is infact doing its task, altho ive had absolutly zero trouble with the program im just wondering if this is a normal habit of the program.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve got latest & it still shows in my taskbar. When I let it. Have you got hide items when not active enabled in your taskbar. It could be lurking there.

actually no its not there either, i did check there first i am not pc illiterate like alot of ppl on the net, i should have specified that so as not to get the usual answers. then again i am going to reboot since im kinda thinking since i updated and then registered as my trial had run out on it and i havent rebooted since then that maybe this was a possibility, ill have to wait tho as im in the middle of doing 2 for the money right now, once its done i guess ill update ya on if that was my lil bug or not.

you should always reboot after updating anydvd.

in fact, i’m pretty sure it tried to reboot by itself (comes up with the “yes or no dialog”)

always hit yes!

Hi :slight_smile:
Because I always do this. I have admit its something I often overlook when dealing with these posts. Then again I am a fella. What more do you expect. :bigsmile:
BTW D3m0n Welcome to the forum.

i did reboot after i updated as if you dont reboot after you update or even register, then your program isnt working anyways, as i stated, i updated and then registered on my last day of trial, and this was like last week, i have had no issues with the programs functionality other than not seeing the fox anymore, it went away only after i had registered and then rebooted, it may be only a one time thing and will be working once i reboot again, im still waiting my burn to complete and ill reboot and update ya on this. just thought it might be something that had happended with the newest update, or maybe a programming glitch.

No problems here since v thru v red fox head is always in the taskbar.

Maybe you have disabled the little fox icon? Double click AnyDVD from the desktop, in the settings window click “Default”, then “OK”.

thanks tru thats exactly what my issue was, after rebooting several times i was still having the issue, immediatly after tryin your suggestion it popped up, odd thing tho is i dont remember disabling it, but either way Thanx a million!