Anydvd help



Hi. Lol I downloaded anydvd software and it removes protection fine on my original dvd but what’s next ? :o How do I burn it ? Do I have to use another software ? Usually I use dvdfab which does everything I need but it keeps analyzing the dvd without any results for hours.

So how to I use anydvd ?

Thanks !


AnyDVD removes the encryption for you. If you right click on the fox icon on the bottom right, you also get an option to rip to the hard drive. This will copy the entire movie to the hard drive.

It is also possible to use other ripping programs with AnyDVD. I regularly use DVDShrink with AnyDVD in order to choose just the main movie and rip it alone, without menus or extras.

Most of the time you will have to reduce the size of the movie in order to fit to a single layer dvdr. DVDShrink can do this for you, though I normally rip with no compression and then use DVDRebuilder to reencode the movie.

Actual burning to disk, I use ImgBurn. It can burn dvd video files or an ISO, depending on which form you saved the compressed movie. Look through the guides at the Imgburn forum for burning dvd video.


Thank you. I will try to send it to my hard drive. :o Haven’t think to right click on the icon !


[QUOTE=Vince6576;1998806]Thank you. I will try to send it to my hard drive. :o Haven’t think to right click on the icon ![/QUOTE]

Also if you want to compress or copy the Dvd itself you can also try CloneDVD with the trial as well it will do a dvd9 to dvd9 or dvd9 to dvd5 compressed…


AnyDVD is a software that works in the background. As was mentioned before by other Freaks, basically you have two choices:

  1. Rip the content with AnyDVD (right click on the fox, “Rip Video DVD to Harddisk”) and then burn it to a medium.

  2. To use a software to rip, burn the content (like CloneDVD, etc.).