AnyDVD help

When I try to install AnyDVD, it gives me this error. What’s the NCRC command it’s talking about? How do I use the NCRC? Thanks.

i dont see a real need to use that switch , as the message says or your pc infected with a virus that modified the file therfor it cant run as it should (crc checks) or the download didnt go well and the file went corrupted , in your browser clear temporary files and download again and if it will be same then scan for viruses online at kaspersky or bitdefender and reports results

if your pc is infected with a virus its not easy to remove like worms/trojans/spyware , if it is the case then your options are:

  1. use some antivirus boot disk/cd to scan & clean your partitions
  2. take out the hd and connect it to another pc if you have or to a friends pc and scan & clean
  3. format the system partition © and reinstall windows and if you have more then one partition then install antivirus from a clean cd or download , scan & clean your other partitions

@ awdrifter,

The error notice you received is just a “can” response built in to the installer software program indicating you receive a corrupted download. The installer that is being used is from NullSoft and is used for hundreds of programs not just AnyDVD. Just disregard the error notice and delete the corrupted download file. Then visit Slysoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD.

If you are really interested and want to know more information on the NSIS installer software program refer to the below link. The NCRC command line switch disables the CRC check.

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I redownloaded it, and it installed fine now. I guess that file I had was corrupted. Thanks for the replies.