AnyDVD help!

Hi I have a problem using AnyDVD… Ok I downloaded the program and its running. I pop in a region 2 DVD and the little fox turns grey for a few seconds then turns red again. I pop it in the DVD player and it still says Region Code Error!.. Thats my problem…
When I go in the settings for AnyDVD there is some stuff written in CSS keys like a subtittle and 2 other subtitles.


You have to put the disc in the drive that you are going to read from - wait for the fox to grey out - THEN - open your burning program and it should show the disc as not protected-


What burning software are you using it with? You should just go straight to the burning software, AnyDVD works in the background, you shouldn’t ever actually click the AnyDVD icon once it is set up the first time.

you trying to watch a dvd or copy one ?

And make sure all of your drives are checked in Anydvd if you want to use Anydvd with them.

Im simply trying to watch the DVD on my TV
they are checked. It also says ON:1 OFF:0 EMPTY:0

how’d you get anydvd installed on your tv ? :wink:


I thought AnyDVD removed the protection thing on the DVD so I can watch it on my TV?

dude, you need to supply moe info. are you using a TV out/tuner card or something ? if so, i know ZERO about them+anydvd

Smoothy > Did you think Anydvd had magic powers to remove copy protection and make region free to play in whatever you wanted? Just curious…

Yes thats what I was hoping
I want to play a region 2 dvd on my region 1 dvd player. I thought AnyDVD was suppose to remove the protection thing but i guess it only works for computer software and not TV’s. Damn. Is there any prog that does that? To make a dvd player all regions it would need to have a chip added or something… and the video places ive called cant/dont do that.

You would have to make a back-up of your movie with Anydvd (now that you have it) and a dvd burning software like Nero, CloneDVD2, DVD Shrink etc… and then play it on you dvd player

Damn … I thought there was an easy way out but I guess there is not :frowning:

Thanks anyway

Yo ricoman-

Too often do we see someone who will open their burning program and THEN insert their disc - and wonder why it shows as still encrypted - and that is why I advised him to wait until the fox greys out before opening his burning program-

Reread what I wrote - never said anything about clicking on AnyDVD-


One thing you might want to try. Search for info on your dvd player. I am not sure how common it is but there are at least a few dvd players that you can program to ignore region coding (I have a koss dvd player that will do it with a simple key sequence from the remote control). This might be a good first place to look.

yes ,i have a jvc and it was a matter of holding down the menu button and pluging it in and reading and changing the menu,most have ways i can not think of a site but look at dvd player tweeks

yea i looked that place up and was sad to see the following message:

This player cannot be hacked. It needs to be physically modified in order to make it all code, which a chip being changed. You are better off buying a cheap Cyberhome if you want all-code since they go for about $40 at Best Buy and most of their models can be easily hacked via remote.
( I have a JVC XV-F80 )