AnyDVD Help PLease



Hello im used to using DVD decrypter f/b DVD shrink then burn the DVD but i was informed that some of my DVD’s that were coming up with errors while decrypting that AnyDVD can fix, so i downloaded the Program inserted my DVD and i cant tell if its doing anything and or,if its done!!, the Fox never turned Grey but i couldn’t hear my DVD drive so what do i do next use DVD shrink ? then Burn it ,i read those tutorials and they explained NOTHING, with DVDdecrypter at least the Files are visible when i click on C drive and see them there,Anydvd i cant see anything and or progress please Help in LAYMENS term’s thanks for your pateince :confused:


Remove AnyDVD. Download the latest AnyDVD from Install AnyDVD. Launch AnyDVD. Insert source DVD. The AnyDVD icon should turn grey for about a second. Now launch Shrink and go to the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD and process the data.


Right click the little icon in the bottom right of your screen and make sure that enable anydvd has a check mark next to it. If it does and it is an older version, when you insert the disk the little icon will grey out for several seconds and then turn colored again. Beyond that it will not do anything that you will notice. It will just run in the background and do its thing. If that doesn’t happen when you insert a disk, minimise all the windows to see if an error window poped up (the cannot read error window sometimes doesn’t pop up over other active windows). The newest version will also pup up a window after the icon turns colored again that gives a copy protection detected sumary.