AnyDVD HD with AVS Converter on Blu Ray disc



Hi All,

I use AVS video converter and have just been experimenting with the AnyDVD HD decrypter for Blu Rays.

Testing it by trying to backup a bluray film I seem to be able to half convert the film but on playback, it appears there is only a partial version of the film. AVS Video converter and Any DVD HD seems perfectly usable with normal DVD’s so i’m not sure where the problem arises due to a blu ray.

Anyone got any help?



Huh your question is unclear and kinda confusing. Anydvd will rip the video or create a image of the video. Are you trying to convert while Anydvd is trying to rip the video? Cause that what it sounds like your doing and causing it to stop. Maybe if you let Anydvd finish what it is doing then convert the video after that and also make sure you HDD is defragged cause defrag problem has been some cause of problem.