ANYDVD HD Question

I feel like the dummy at the back of the class who MUST ask a dumb question.
Look, I’m not too sharp with this stuff, and it’s a miracle I even get by this far, LOL… I’m just gonna ask:

  1. What exactly will anydvd HD do for me?
  2. I bought the package with anydvd, clone cd and clonedvd2, if I want the HD version of anydvd, do I pay extra for it?
  3. Will anydvd hd “someday” allow me to back-up my Blu-Ray collection?
  4. I’m assuming that anydvd Hd refers to any high def format (wether it be hd dvd or blu-ray) Please confirm.

Sorry guys, just treat me like I’m retarded, but I had to ask.
I have the Samsung Blu-Ray player and about 6 titles, I wouldnt mind one day being able to back them up because they are so frikkin expensive.

Also, if there’s a link explaining everything about anydvd hd, please point me to it.

AJ (the class dummy) :slight_smile:

  1. Nothing unless you own an HD DVD drive
  2. If you want the HD version, you will pay for an upgrade
  3. Possibly, but, nothing has been announced. At this time it’s HD DVD only
  4. That’s correct

Please note, though, that if you have no interest in the HD version, your current license for AnyDVD will continue to work as it always has. The HD functions will be disabled, but, you’ll still continue to get updates for life. Hope this helps!

Thanks fellas!

AJ :slight_smile:

The latest AnyDVD HD beta supports blu-ray.