AnyDVD HD Final Discussion Thread

AnyDVD History 2013 04 10

  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
  • Change: Removed FAT file system detection
  • Updated languages
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

cool. thanks… I update and test this later…

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2684026]cool. thanks… I update and test this later…[/QUOTE]
Let us know how good it works. :wink:

Still haven’t figure why my CloneCD was killed when I did it but I kinda think I found part of what might be the cause but with similiar laptops running that same A/V progam and they showed no problem makes me run in circles trying to figure what is going on. But I got it updated on my desktop and will try to use CloneCD and see what happens. But just incase I did uninstall the A/V completely and reinstalled the newer version engine of it just to be on the safe side.

Thanks Alan. :flower:


Ok did load it on two laptop with sata drives of same model and Liteon 212 blueray writer and clonecd works and recognize the drive. Now next is to try on the laptop with IDE matching drives and see what else might break when trying to run CloneCD on those.

Well I did update to my laptop that was having issues with CloneCD and Anydvd HD installed on it. And yes CloneCD didn’t recognize the drive but only thing I could think might have caused the break in CloneCD was my Avira A/V it would seem the engine or updates in it caused CloneCD to get corrupted somehow and not read or recognize a disc was in the drive. But What I did so far was reboot the clean image from previous and then uninstall the old Avira engine and then updated Anydvd HD and then rebooted - ccleaner the system and then reinstall Avira back reboot and remake image and now CloneCD works. I can only guess something in Avira broke CloneCD internal workings??